Azure Boone

I'm a mother, a wife, and a writer. I was born and raised in Louisiana, I enjoy Cajun food and spicy hot romances. Oddly enough, I've never wanted to be a writer, but one day, I decided I needed some means of income to help out the hubby, and well, being at home with all the children, writing seemed doable. When I realized it wasn't as easy as it looked, I began learning the craft and fell head over hills in love with it.

I've also found that writing erotic romance is like literary Viagra. If your marriage is on the rocks, the sure solution is reading erotic books or writing them! My husband loved the change that took place in me. As did I. Now all I need to do is figure out that all this great sex is what's giving me so many kids! I'm with my ninth child as I type this. Gasp! I know. The one question people ask me the most is: “How do you find time to write with all those kids?” The answer is actually ironic: “It's because I have so many that it enables me to have time to write.” Once you train them, they're just a part of a great team called a family. We all do our part and the more hands, the easier I find it gets for everybody.

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