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Eve Vaughn & Shara Azod

Eve Vaughn & Shara Azod

Eve Vaughn

Shara Azod

Shara Azod was born in Florida, grew up in Southern California, and has lived all over the world. A Marine brat, Navy vet, and the wife of a Navy lifer, she has visited four of the world's seven continents. Her favorite destinations are Paris, Hong Kong, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Catania.

She has been writing all her life, but decided she wanted to write romance after reading The Flame & the Flower at the tender age of 13. That led to the notebook saga of Duran Duran, which was confiscated and turned over to her none too amused parents.

Shara married a real life cowboy and has two beautiful children. Currently residing in the South, she enjoys the slow easy pace of life since her husband retired and hopes to keep busy writing plenty of juicy romances.

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