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Eileen Ann Brennan

Eileen Ann Brennan

After absconding with her degree in English, Eileen Ann tossed away her mittens and snow scrapers and migrated from New Jersey to Florida where she quickly got sand in her shoes and never looked back. (No matter what anyone says, your butt does look fat in a ski parka.) After successfully climbing the corporate ladder, she decided the rats could keep their race and became a stay at home mom.

She lives with her husband and, occasionally, her son and daughter who are away at school -- or so they say. (They seem to show up for dinner every other night.) When not writing, she is a full-time doorman for her three cats and enjoys reading from her library of over two thousand books.

Eileen Ann would love to spend every minute of every day holed up in front of her computer, writing about sexy heroes, sassy heroines, and scintillating plots but somehow those pesky chores of everyday living (sleeping, dental hygiene, watching the Weather Channel) always seem to get in the way.

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