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Crystal Kauffman

Crystal Kauffman

Crystal Kauffman has been a closet erotica writer since high school. Her mother found one of her works and dealt a heavy dose of guilt as punishment, but that wasn't enough to stop Crystal from writing (and reading) the steamy stuff. She just did a better job of hiding her work. Then the greatest thing happened; publishing houses catering specifically to erotica were born, bringing Crystal out of the closet. The formation of Romance Writers of America's Passionate Ink chapter, where she could mingle with other like-minded erotica writers, was the proverbial icing on the cake.

Crystal Kauffman is a native San Franciscan who also writes action thrillers. She is a four-time nominee for the prestigious Golden Heart award given by the Romance Writers of America, and took home the win in 2008.

Links to reach Crystal Kauffman:
Main website
Trampy Vamps

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