Sorority Girl Pledge Time

Cheryl Dragon

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Hazing has never been this hot! At the mercy and sexual whim of their kinky sorority president, Ashley and Blanca must work together to please her and each other. However, these former enemies find more than great sex, kinky to...
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Hazing has never been this hot!

At the mercy and sexual whim of their kinky sorority president, Ashley and Blanca must work together to please her and each other. However, these former enemies find more than great sex, kinky toys, and Dom/sub play. Lesbian Ashley finds herself falling for the experimenting Blanca.

In the past Blanca used sex to get what she wanted from men, so women are no different. She finds the pleasure and intense connection is more intimate with women, but true love and great sex in the form of her high school nemesis is just too weird. Still, even when she backslides and brings two men in to play with, Blanca wants Ashley nearby. One night could push them apart or bring them together for good.

Can they build trust and find love under the wrathful paddle of their sorority president?

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Light bondage, homoerotic sexual situations (f/f, m/m), menage (f/f/f, m/m/f), toys, voyeurism.
Every inch of my body wanted to break the rules, but I reminded myself of the history of this sorority. My mom and grandmother had belonged. My great-grandmother founded it with her close friends. My mom had her heart set on another generation in the Tri-Pi’s. However, I couldn’t think about that when I was Ashley James, freshman pledge, currently sorting through Simone’s dirty bras.

Truthfully, I didn’t mind laundry, and Simone was the president. She had good taste, with panties that had lots of lace and satin bits. This chore certainly topped cleaning the bathrooms, Blanca’s chore this week. Blanca Perez remained the one big downer of pledging Tri Pi sorority, even worse than the pledge hazing. I never dreamed Blanca would attend the same college, much less pledge the same sorority, as me.

In high school, Blanca and I couldn’t stand each other, and nothing had changed over the summer. Blanca was blunt, from the wrong side of the tracks, and had screwed my boyfriend during prom. Why she had it out for me, I didn’t know. I’d never done anything to her, but she seemed to have a perpetual chip on her shoulder.

Okay, in high school I had the edge by being a popular cheerleader from a rich family. Now, we were equals -- both pledges desperate to get into the best sorority on campus. According to my mom, I should be relieved. In the old days, the school administration didn’t regulate hazing, and it was a lot crueler. More public humiliation, but Mom wouldn’t elaborate further.

I still thought that pledges doing nothing but cleaning every moment they were not attending class or a sorority function was crazy. Doing the cleaning in nothing but a bra and panties would be humiliating for some. We were on display, but I’d convinced myself it was nothing more than a bikini, and the big sisters who teased me just felt jealous of my figure. All the pledges had the same dress code, so I refused to obsess on that.

I needed relief. I took a load of delicates out of the dryer and put a new load in. Relief, definitely. It haunted me as I folded. Pledges couldn’t date…no sex. It was hard enough to adjust to college and pledging, but no sex was just too much.

I knew it was supposed to promote sisterly dependence and attachment. The lecturing on the pillars of the sorority still rang in my ears. Unfortunately, none of the sisters seemed inclined to help me break the rules. At night, I did my best to self-service in silence, but we eight pledges shared a room. Way too limiting.

The old washer started to rock in the spin cycle, and I leaned in. The temptation fueled my need. I looked around. The basement of the house was dark and empty. No one would know. Except to do laundry, the girls never came down here. Moving my folding aside, I hopped up on the washer and maneuvered so my slit was right on the edge. I got the effect even with my panties on. I moved and leaned my hips into the motion so my clit got a full blast. Intense vibrations drove me harder. With both hands balanced just right, I wanted to free one to give my nipples some attention. They were very sensitive, and it made me ache when I thought of the neglect. One leg stretched down the side and the other extended across the top of the washer as I rode holding on with both hands.

Masturbation remained a last resort; I’d never enjoyed it as much as sex with others. But today, I couldn’t deny the desperation!

I leaned back and freed one hand without falling. My left nipple twinged as I twisted it, and the stimulation shot right to my clit as the spin cycle worked my pussy. “Yes!” My body shook with an orgasm and rubbed against the cold metal. Slowly, I began to refocus. I could easily get off again, but the best cycle was over.

Then I realized someone had walked in.

Simone had found me.

“Get off of there.”

My face burned; I’d been caught. I climbed down and made sure things were covered. “I’m sorry.”

“Sorry? Does this show I have your loyalty? Dedication?” Simone’s voice rose as the junior closed in on me.

“No. I couldn’t help myself.” I was seriously screwed!

“Couldn’t help? What else did you do? Use my dirty clothes as some sex toy?”

My head popped up. “Of course not. I wouldn’t violate your personal things. I just had time between loads and the vibrations…” It was worth it. Whatever Simone did short of banning me from the sorority -- the machine gave me a bit of satisfaction.

“Well then, if a nympho like you can’t handle our simple rules or control yourself, then we’ll have to dismiss you as a potential sister.”

“No, please! I deserve sisterhood.”

“You don’t want to be a sister. You can’t put us first. Give the sisters a few weeks to teach and test you. That’s all we asked.” Simone reached out and pinched a firm nipple, still hard beneath my purple and pink bra.

I tensed at the act, but she offered more of what I really needed. I wanted more as my nipple throbbed. Simone rolled my nipple. A moan came from my throat just loud enough. From Simone’s eyes, I could tell she’d heard it.

“Then again, maybe you want to be closer to your sisters so badly your energies are wasted?”

“What do you mean?” I tried to shake the sexual haze. None of the sisters had hinted at lesbian tendencies, but they separated the pledges during hazing time. My summer fantasies had yet to pan out as I’d hoped. “I’ll do anything to be a Tri-Pi. I got weak, but I can do better. I swear.”

Slowly, Simone smiled and looked me over, turning me. “I’m sure you will, with a little help. Finish up my laundry and come directly to my room. No cleaning up or changing your clothes. Understand?”

“Yes. Thank you.”

She hadn’t kicked me out yet. The halls bustled with girls this time of the evening. Blanca would see me go into Simone’s room. I’d wash out, and Blanca would make it in the sorority.

What would I tell my mother if I didn’t earn my sisterhood? Mom and Grandma were already talking about seeing the pin and secret initiations. Fail a long family line? I couldn’t let that happen.

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