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Tied Up in Tinsel

Amber Skyze

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Trust isn't something Patience Middleton gives very often, especially in the bedroom. She's been looked at as a slut for wanting more than a vanilla sex life. When she meets William LaBorde he's offering everything she wants which...
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Trust isn't something Patience Middleton gives very often, especially in the bedroom. She's been looked at as a slut for wanting more than a vanilla sex life. When she meets William LaBorde he's offering everything she wants which is a whole lot more than she can handle. He wants to know all her deepest darkest desires, plus he's sexy, sweet and willing to make all her fantasies come true.

Patience gives in briefly until William gives her a familiar look of what she perceives as disgust. It takes some doing, but eventually he convinces her his only wish is to make her happy in the bedroom, against the wall or under the Christmas tree.

Things go awry again, though, when Patience's dream fantasy turns into a nightmare. Can William save the day and will she finally give herself to him; body, heart and soul?

“Are you kidding me, Nancy?” Patience Middleton paced her living room, her high heels clicking on the hardwood floors. She dragged her hand through her hair, pulling it from the bun she wore during work hours. “You seriously want me…me…to stand in line on Black Friday to get a video game for Kyle?”

“Please, Patience. I can’t for obvious reasons, and Kyle really wants the game. He misses his father.”

Patience sucked in a deep breath and counted to ten. She didn’t want to explode on her sister. She loved Nancy with all her heart and her nephew, Kyle, even more. Kyle’s father, Gary, had been serving overseas for the past three years, and Kyle missed his dad. So if Kyle wanted the new video game for Christmas, who was she to disappoint him? And Nancy knew Auntie wouldn’t let Kyle down; that’s why she was asking something Patience didn’t care to do.

“Look, Nancy. You know I’m a sucker when it comes to Kyle, but you also know how I feel about shopping, and on Black Friday of all days. You know I’ve never been to the stores in all of my twenty-nine years of life on the dreaded day.” Patience fell into the overstuffed chair and kicked off her stilettos. Her feet ached. She flexed her calves and rotated her ankles before pointing her toes to stretch the muscles.

Damn, she needed a drink after the long day she’d had. The bitter-cold temperatures outside didn’t please her either. Winter had settled in to the small New England town of Gatsby, and Patience was not ready for the brutal weather that came with it.

“Are you listening to me, Kyle? I said you can go after you finish your homework.”

Patience looked at her phone and realized her sister had been talking.

“Sorry, Sis. What did you say?”

“Make sure he does his math problems first. He won’t do them when he comes back. Nancy’s voice sounded muffled, as if she wasn’t speaking into the phone. Then louder, I’m not talking to you, Patience. I’m talking to Kyle’s manny.”

“Manny? What the hell is a manny?”

“A male nanny.”

Patience unbuttoned the top three buttons on her soft pink blouse. She wanted to get rid of her business clothes and put on something a bit more comfortable, like her sweats and a T-shirt. Her phone had been ringing when she entered the house, and the caller ID told her it was her sister. Something told her she should just change and call her sister after, but she’d worried it might be an emergency, especially with a nine-year-old, one who loved to explore and test his limits. She’d never forget the time Kyle wanted to see what it would be like to fly off a ramp with his bike. He’d built the biggest one he could, and when he flew off he’d tumbled over his handlebars and landed flat on his back; Nancy had to rush him to the emergency room. Lucky for him the only damage was small stones they had to pull out of his skin. After that episode he didn’t go near his bike for weeks.

“Wait. What do you need a male nanny for?”

“Kyle needed someone who could do the things he likes to do, like go to the batting cages and hit some balls or teach him how to field. Baseball season is right around the corner, and he wants to be the best he can.”

“Right around the corner? It’s November. It has just ended.” Why did she suddenly feel like she was losing her mind? Yes, she’d been putting in way too many hours at the office and feeling exhausted, but certainly she remembered baseball just ending for her nephew. She’d gone to his games.

“Practice begins in January. Look I’m not calling about Kyle’s baseball schedule or his manny. I need to know if you’ll do this for me. For Kyle.”

“Send the manny. Let him do your bidding.”

“Is that hint of jealousy in your voice, Patience? Are you jealous because my son has a man in his life, and you don’t?”

“Bite me, Nancy.” Patience regretted the words once they were out. Kyle deserved a male figure in his life. Getting green with envy over her nephew developing a relationship with a man was childish. She had to act like the grown-up she was.

“Wow. You are jealous. You know, if you wanted a man in your life, you could have one easily. You need to put yourself out there. Stop being a workaholic.”

Maybe she was, but she wasn’t about to admit it to her sister.

“No, I’m not. I’m happy for Kyle. E-mail me the name of the game, and I’ll be sure to be outside the store at midnight on Black Friday. I gotta go.” Patience pressed the Off button, tossed the phone onto the couch, and headed to her bedroom. She had to get out of this damn skirt before she burst at the seams.

As she stripped down to her bra and panties, Patience decided a nice hot bath was in order. She traipsed into the bathroom, turned on the faucet, and tested the water with her hand. Once she found the perfect temp, she lifted the stopper and went back to her bedroom in search for the perfect nightshirt to cuddle up in. She grabbed a book to read while soaking.

After finding what she’d need for the tub, she went back to check the water.

“Almost, but not quite yet.” Another thought struck her. A glass of wine would be the perfect topper for this bath. Afraid the water would reach an overflowing stage, she turned it off and went to the kitchen to pour herself a glass of white wine.

She sipped the sweet liquid and closed her eyes, enjoying the taste of the wine sliding down her throat. She took another sip and felt her cheeks immediately flush. That was the downside of her drinking alcohol. Her face and neck flushed instantaneously. But the stress of the hectic day began to wash away with every sip of wine.

Patience refilled the glass and made her way back to the bathroom. She lit a few of the candles she kept around the rim of the tub, creating a perfect oasis. She freshened up the water with more hot water and added some lavender bubble bath. Nothing said relaxing like lavender.

She was about to dip her foot in the water when another idea crossed her mind. She might as well go for broke in the relaxation department.

She hurried to her bedroom, where she rummaged through her top dresser drawer looking for her mighty little friend. It didn’t take long for her to locate the pretty pink friend who’d brought her more relief over the last year than anything else.

“Perfect. Wine, a good book, candles, and Perky.” She’d named her waterproof vibrator Perky because it was always ready for her at a moment’s notice. She didn’t have to wait for it to be in the mood. Whenever she wanted a quick or not so quick orgasm, all she needed was to reach for Perky, and voilà, instant happiness.

Who needed a man when she had Perky?

Oh, who the fuck was she kidding? Perky was great. She didn’t have to worry about sharing the remote or arguing over what to have for dinner, but Perky didn’t offer her the comfort of a pair of loving arms. And Perky didn’t give her mind-blowing kisses on the lips. Patience missed being able to roll over and feel a strong man in her bed, but she was the one who decided it best to end things with Steven.

They were headed in different directions. She wanted to wait for children and marriage; he wanted them both now. Patience felt she had a few more years of pursuing her career as an accountant and traveling. Steven had settled into his law firm and had traveled all he wanted. There was also the issue of Steven thinking she was a freak for wanting to have sex in more than the missionary position. He cringed visibly when she suggested they try out some toys. He’d called her a slut and told her the mother of his children wouldn’t act in such a perverted way. That’s when she decided it was time for them to go their separate ways. To say Steven was heartbroken would be an understatement. He’d called her three and four times a day for the first three months. Then he slowed down to once a day. By the time they’d reached the six-month mark, he’d given up completely. She’d heard from friends that he was now in a committed relationship with a woman who wanted everything he did, and to make things perfect, they worked for the same law firm.

Patience didn’t wish him ill, but his comments still hurt. Maybe she should be ready to settle down. Shit, her sister had been for over ten years now and was happy. Yet Patience didn’t feel she was ready to commit. She loved her nephew and would do anything for him. She just didn’t want children of her own right now.

Back in the bathroom she pulled out her tub tray and set her belongings on top. She made room to slide into the large basin. She settled nicely into the warm water and reveled in the water covering her skin.

“This is heaven.” The only thing that would make this better was a man washing her hair or massaging her shoulders. She made a mental note to schedule a massage. It’d been too long since her last one. A nice hot-stone massage was in order. For now she’d enjoy the hot water easing her tense muscles along with the cool wine to counter her body temperature.

Patience drank more of the wine before placing it gently on the tray. She considered picking up the book and reading a juicy love scene and then thought better. She’d prefer to make her own fantasy come true.

Her hand wrapped around the pink vibe. She held it tightly in her palm. She dropped it back on the tray and closed her eyes. She’d use it, but first she planned to get her body highly aroused and ready for the intense hum of her battery-operated friend.

She rolled her palm over her nipple, stirring it to life. The tiny bud peaked, and heat radiated through her womb down to her pussy. Patience pinched the nipple between her fingers, sending jolts of electricity in the same direction. She used the other hand to draw lazy circles around her clit. The stirrings became overwhelming, and she knew she couldn’t wait any longer. She grabbed the bullet and turned it on. She inserted it into her wet channel and braced her feet against the porcelain tub. One set of fingers continued tweaking her rosy bud while the other circled her clit. Her body soared with mingling sensations.

The waves started almost as soon as the vibe was nestled inside her. The walls of her pussy contracted and pulsed around the bullet. She closed her eyes, pressed her legs harder against the tub, and moaned as the climax riddled her body. She shuddered under the intensity of the orgasm.

Her breathing grew labored as she pursed her lips together to fight screaming out. She wasn’t sure if her neighbors could hear through the walls, but knew she didn’t want to take any chances.

She breathed in through her mouth and out through her nose, trying to get her heavy breathing under control. As her body started to relax in the water, she smiled. Yes, Perky was always ready to give her the satisfaction she craved.

* * * *

“Burrrr. What the fuck was I thinking coming out at midnight to wait in line with a bunch of crazy people?” Patience made her way closer to the big-box retail toy store in disbelief. There were at least fifty people already in line, and the store didn’t open for another two hours. She’d surely freeze her ass off by then.

She found a spot in line, pulled her scarf more tightly around her neck, and slid on her gloves. “This has got to be the most asinine thing I’ve done in my life.”


She turned to see who had caught her talking to herself and was met with the most hypnotizing gray eyes she’d ever set sight on. Momentarily stunned, she glanced down his medium-built body, soaking in his sexy legs encased in dark jeans, a black leather jacket, and a burgundy scarf wrapped around his neck. He looked like he’d stepped off the cover of a stud magazine, and he was talking to little ole her.

“I’m sorry. Bad habit. Talking to myself.” It wasn’t a lie. Her parents had caught her often, while growing up. She had a knack for thinking out loud. She really tried to make a conservative effort not to, but sometimes it just slipped out, like tonight.

“I understand. William.” He extended his hand, and Patience hesitated.

“Patience.” She offered her hand up, and once they touched, sparks stormed through her gloves, heating her skin. Alarmed, she quickly removed her hand. She couldn’t remember a time when a simple touch affected her in such a manner.

“You have to have some to stand in this line.”

She laughed. It wasn’t like she hadn’t heard jokes made from her name on numerous occasions. The joke was only on the person, because if she lacked one thing, it was patience. She wondered what her mother thought all these years later, having named her daughter something Patience didn’t have.

“I wish I could say I have patience, but I don’t. This is not my idea of a good time. If it weren’t for my nephew, I’d be home sleeping, but I guess you can say I’m a sucker.”

He laughed, and the sound melted her heart.

“What brings you here tonight?” She didn’t notice a wedding band, but that didn’t mean anything. He probably had a small child who wanted one of the hot new toys. She didn’t envy him. She didn’t have the first clue what children liked. If it weren’t for her sister’s request, she’d likely just give Kyle a gift card and be done with it.

Maneuvering the toy department never had been her thing.

“My friend’s child could use some cheering up. Father’s been gone for a bit.”

Was that sadness in his eyes? Her heart swelled; his story touched her. He truly cared for his friend’s child.

“Funny, me too. My nephew. Do you have any children?” Nothing like getting right to the point. Not that she wouldn’t be interested in him if he had children; she’d just prefer her man to be completely hers.

What the hell was she thinking? She wasn’t going to be dating this man. She’d just met him. She knew nothing about him except he had a soft side toward children. And she certainly wasn’t going to engage in a relationship with him. She didn’t need the headaches, but cozying up to his big, strong body did sound appealing.

“No kids. You?”

“Nah. I’m not ready for them yet. Maybe in five, six years.” She figured thirty-five was a good age to have children. By then she’d be done traveling or doing whatever the hell she wanted.

“Seems reasonable. I like the idea of children now, but I’d be willing to wait too.” He tilted his head and flashed a grin.

Patience laughed despite herself. He was flirting. She liked that.

“When should we get married?” Again, she couldn’t believe the words slipping from her mouth.

He pretended to look at a watch on his wrist. “I’m free in a few hours. I’m sure there’s a justice of the peace out there willing to perform the ceremony.”

“I believe my calendar is free too.” Patience played along with his game.

“Seriously, though, I’d like to take you to breakfast or coffee after this, if you’re really free.”

How did she answer that? She was free, but should she go with him, alone? He was funny and cute. It was just breakfast, after all. They’d be in a public place.

“Sure, why not?”

“Great! Do me a favor. Keep my spot, and I’ll be right back.”

“Okay.” She found it strange that he decided to take off after agreeing to breakfast, but he said he’d be right back. Hopefully no one would get upset when he returned and cut the line. He wouldn’t really be cutting, but those who weren’t here to see him wouldn’t realize that.

She watched as he jogged off into the parking lot. She lost him in the mix of cars.

When twenty minutes passed and he didn’t return, she wondered if William had been real or a figment of her imagination. She didn’t have time to worry, though. The store would open, and she had to fight off the cold numbing her toes.

To ward off the frigid temps, she jumped up and down in place and rubbed her hands together. This was insane. She’d give Nancy hell tomorrow for asking her to do something so freaking crazy.

Patience tried to focus on keeping warm and the fact that Kyle would be happy on Christmas morning. His happiness was all that mattered, even if it meant freezing her ass off.

“Here, this should help until the store opens.”

He’d come back. The sound of his voice felt like music to her ears. She turned to see him offering a cup of steaming-hot liquid.

“Coffee?” While the gesture would’ve been nice, he had no clue how she liked her coffee.

“Hot chocolate, with whipped cream.”

“Ooooh, even better.” She’d been craving hot cocoa a few nights before. This was the perfect solution for her numb body.

She lifted the plastic tab and tilted the cup slightly. Afraid she’d burn her tongue, she carefully sipped the liquid.

“Perfect. Not too hot; not too cold.”

“I’m glad you like it.”

“Thanks.” She smiled at him while holding the hot cup between her hands. It brought instant relief to her chilled bones.

A few grumbles came from the back of the line. The one thing she’d feared. William, clearly not one to be rattled, wrapped an arm around her shoulder and planted a kiss on her cheek.

“Thanks, honey, for saving my spot.”

The heat from his lips touching her skin didn’t go undetected. Desire filled her to the core. If she didn’t have to get this game for Kyle, she’d be tempted to proposition William. Lucky for her she couldn’t.

“Anytime, sweetheart. Anytime.”

They spent the remainder of the time talking and getting to know each other a little better. Patience learned he and his brother were born to parents who were a bit older when they’d had their children. He said they’d given their boys everything they could ever want; his only sadness was his parents had died just before William’s twenty-fifth birthday. She learned his mom died of cancer and his dad of a broken heart a few short months later.

How sad. They’d been married for fifty years when they passed. Patience was amazed at the longevity. People didn’t seem to stay married for long periods of time any longer. They lived in a disposable generation. If it didn’t work, dispose of it and find something new.

She wanted it to be for forever when she finally settled down, wanted the princess storybook ending. She didn’t want to throw away a marriage because it wasn’t working.

Rustling at the front of the crowd drew everyone’s attention.

“The store’s opening,” William said. “We’ll meet back here in, say, twenty minutes?”

“Sounds like a plan. I shouldn’t be longer than that.” If all went well, it’d be less. She looked forward to going somewhere warm and talking more with him.

The doors flew opened, and the crowd moved, rushing to get into the store. A roaring sound filled her ears as she was pushed forward. The swarm of people behind them shoved into her, practically trampling her to get in the store. Patience almost lost her balance, but William managed to grab her arm and pull her upright. A sea of arms and legs swam by her. Everything and everyone moved too quickly for her to absorb what was happening. People didn’t care that they were walking over others who’d fallen. They didn’t seem fazed by the fact that they elbowed and knocked into someone as long as they managed to get through the doors first. Patience knew what others must have felt like during a stampede. Fear gripped her tighter than William’s hand.

He guided her toward the entrance, and once inside he released his grip on her arm.

“Are you okay?”

She gave her body a once-over and determined she was in one piece.

“I am. Just a little shaken. I can’t believe how crazy people are. This is why I stay home.”

“This is the last time I do this,” he said.

“I’m gonna get what I need and get the hell out of here.”

“Okay; I’ll do the same. See ya soon.” He darted off to the left.

Patience stood there, momentarily lost. Finally she came to her senses and rushed off to the right. She raced down the large aisle looking for signs of electronics. She passed outdoor toys, books, clothes, no electronics in sight. She continued on the path around the store. She passed more toys, dolls, bedding, game boards, still no electronics.

A third of the way around the building, she finally came upon the department she’d been looking for all along. Now to find the game.

She scanned the shelves looking for the combat game, but didn’t see hide nor hair of it. If she wanted baseball, basketball, or football, she’d be in luck. Too bad Kyle wanted only the combat game. She moved deeper into the department until she came upon a display advertising the game.

“Shit!” The shelves were empty. “Already? How can that be?” She moved closer, hoping by some stroke of luck there was one copy left. As she drew closer she realized her attempt was in vain. They were gone. In less than five minutes, all the copies had been scooped off the shelves.

Out of the corner of her eye she noticed something on the bottom shelf. She bent and reached her arm out to grab whatever it was. As she leaned closer her fingertips touched the plastic cover, and suddenly it was gone.

She pulled back to see what had happened. There, on the other side of the display unit, stood William, with her copy of the game.

“Give it to me now.” She stood, held out her hand, and tapped her foot.

“Excuse me.”

“That’s mine. I had my fingers on it. Now hand it over.”

“I don’t think so. I can’t leave this store without the game.”

“Well, me either. And I touched it first. It’s mine.”

“Sorry. Snooze you lose.”

She charged forward, hoping to rip it from his grip. William pulled it away, holding it high over his head.

“Sorry. I can’t give up the copy. I can offer to get an employee and see if they have more in the back. Does that sound okay?”

“No. Give me the game, and you find an employee to help you.”

“I really want to, Patience. I just can’t. Here, let’s ask this guy over here.”

She couldn’t believe the audacity of this guy. He stole her game, and now he wanted to help her? He could just give her the game, and they’d be all set.

“Excuse me, sir. I’m wondering if you have any of this game left in the back. We really need another copy.”

“Let me check.” The employee started to walk away, and Patience followed him. She’d be damned if she’d allow William the chance to steal another copy from her.

“You coming?” She turned to find William gone. He’d disappeared into thin air—taking her game with him.

Patience waited for the employee, silently cursing William for being a jerk. She couldn’t let Kyle down. Her sister said it was the only thing he wanted. It’d break her heart to see him disappointed on Christmas morning.

“Sorry, ma’am. There aren’t any left in the back.”

“Thanks.” She wanted to scream at the guy for calling her ma’am. She wasn’t old. Why did they have to use the word “ma’am.” Why not Ms.? She was angry, only she was pissed at William. The dirty rotten bastard robbed her of the one and only game left in the store. If she yelled at this employee, she’d only be taking her frustrations at William out on him, and it wasn’t his fault. “Do you know if you’ll be getting more soon?”

He shrugged. “I can’t imagine we’d go the rest of the holiday season with no games. But it is a limited edition.”

Of course.

She thanked him again and walked around the store, looking for a replacement gift. She had to find something supercool for her nephew. It didn’t take long for her to find the action-figure section. They had all sorts of cool trucks, planes, and cars. Within moments she spotted a Black Hawk and knew she had to buy it for Kyle. It was electronic to boot.

She scooped it off the shelves before anyone else could beat her to it. She’d be damned if she allowed another William to take advantage of her.

After checking out, she left the store. She glanced around to see if, by some crazy notion, William waited for her. As she suspected he was nowhere in sight. Just as well, she was exhausted. She wanted to go home, crawl into bed, and forget she ever met him or braved the crowds on Black Friday.

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