At Long Last: Scott & Preston

Shawn Lane

When Scott Trask gets a job at his law firm, Preston Reynolds begins to feel the same attraction he felt for his best friend’s younger brother years earlier. But he couldn't be sexually attracted to the young gay man. Presto...
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Regular Price: $4.99

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Full Description

When Scott Trask gets a job at his law firm, Preston Reynolds begins to feel the same attraction he felt for his best friend’s younger brother years earlier. But he couldn't be sexually attracted to the young gay man. Preston isn't gay.

Scott has been in love with Preston for years, but the man is straight, and at one time married. Being divorced now doesn’t make him available. Yet, when the two of them are alone at the office one night, Preston surrenders to the urges he’s tried to ignore and they begin a passionate affair.

At first, Scott thinks he can handle it when Preston wants to keep their private life together a secret but he’s wrong. Then when Preston makes promises to change, there is hope. Sort of. Preston has a tough choice. Learn to accept himself at long last or risk losing Scott forever...

  • Note:This book was originally released by another publisher in two separate volumes. In this volume, the two stories have been revised and edited and combined in an omnibus version.
Preston glanced at his watch.

Nine thirty.

Not a peep came from Scott’s office. Was he even in yet? He hadn’t seen Scott since they’d gone to breakfast the morning before. Preston had been in the office for more than an hour, had seen Jack come in forty-five minutes ago, but he hadn’t seen or heard Scott.

Had Scott been out late last night? Picking up strangers in a bar or something? Preston grimaced. What a fucking judgmental prick he’d become. If Scott had been out with some new lover, it was not Preston’s business. It had absolutely nothing to do with him.

Still…his chest ached just a bit thinking about it. Stupid.

His hand rose of its own accord and rapped lightly on the door.

“Come in.” Scott’s deep voice came from the other side.

Startled, Preston didn’t move for several heartbeats. Then he twisted the knob and opened the door.

Scott sat behind the mahogany desk, dressed in a navy suit jacket that molded to his body. Underneath the jacket he wore a crisp, lighter-blue pinstriped dress shirt and a pale-pink silk tie. Tucked into the pocket of the jacket was a matching pale-pink handkerchief. His dark sandy-blond hair had been expertly combed without a strand out of place. The only sign that Scott was still in there was the stubble covering his face.

Preston stared, knowing his jaw was hanging open but unable to close it. “Holy crap.”

Scott glanced up from the papers in front of him on his desk. He smiled slow and easy. Something pooled in Preston’s stomach that masqueraded as desire.

“Good morning, Pres.”

Preston couldn’t make his mouth work just yet. Couldn’t wrap his mind around the plain fact his cock was now straining against his briefs. He was hard, damn it.


“Uh, morning,” Preston finally managed to mutter. He had to get out of this office and fast. He did not want Scott to notice his erection and mistake it for…ah, fuck.

“Something wrong?” Scott asked, frowning.

“No. No. No.” Christ, now he was babbling. “I didn’t realize you were in the office yet. Nice job on the suit. Did your dad help you pick it out?”

Scott grinned and shrugged. “He helped a bit. But honestly I think what helped more was watching that show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy before.”

“Well, you look great…er…good. Serious. You look very serious.” His cheeks flamed.

“I’m always serious when I’m going over numbers, Pres,” Scott said, indicating the papers. “Client billings.”

“Right.” Preston blew out a breath carefully. “You’re a CPA, I hear.”

“Yep. I’m not just all looks.”

Preston blinked, realized he still held on to the doorknob and he was squeezing it so tightly he was surprised it didn’t come off in his hand. “So, I’ll see you around, Scott.”

Scott raised an eyebrow, then shrugged. “Okay. I’ll let you know as soon as I have anything on Mrs. Windham’s grandson.”

“Good.” Preston stepped out into the hall and closed the door of Scott’s office. He was actually shaking. He leaned against the wall a moment.

You’ve just been without sex for too long. No need to panic.

Preston nodded. That really was all there was to it. Sure, he’d had some mild fantasies about Scott before. All men were curious about other men. Weren’t they? It was perfectly natural to check out other guys.

He straightened and headed back to his own office. He had to think of something to make his raging hard-on go away before his next appointment. His ex-wife maybe. Or more specifically, the thought of having to pay alimony would deflate any man.

Scotty typed the last number into his spreadsheet just as the door to his office opened again. According to the computer clock it was just past noon. He turned around.

“Hey, kid,” his brother said. Jack closed the door behind him and took the chair in front of Scotty’s desk. “Looking sharp.”

“Thanks.” Scotty wondered if he would ever be anything but kid to his brother. He was an accountant and a licensed private investigator, but to Jack he was kid. “What’s up?”

“Nothing. Just checking, making sure everything’s okay. You know with Dad only coming in part-time I just want to be sure you’re settling in.”

“No problems so far.” Not work-related anyway. He wasn’t about to tell Jack he was lovesick over Preston.

“Great. Things might get busier soon. We’re thinking of hiring another attorney with Dad only working limited hours. Work’s still piling in,” Jack said. “Hey, you want to grab some lunch?”

“No time. I have a few more bills to go over, and then later this afternoon I need to do some legwork. Maybe later in the week?” Scotty suggested.

“Sure. How are you getting along with Preston? I know he wasn’t happy about the music yesterday.”

“Yeah. Still a pain in the ass.” Scotty grinned. “I promise to keep it down and use my iPod more often. But you know, Jack, honestly, I think I make Preston uncomfortable.”

Jack frowned. “Uncomfortable? Why?”

Scotty toyed with a paperclip, trying to pretend it was no big deal. That it didn’t bother him. “Just vibes. I think it bothers him that I’m gay or something.”

“Well, he’s never struck me as being homophobic, Scotty. You sure?”

“Nah, feelings mostly. I’m guessing maybe you shouldn’t have put my office so close to his.” Scotty swallowed. “It’s probably all right since I’ll be doing fieldwork and everything. I just wanted to bring it up in case it becomes a problem.”

Jack’s frown deepened. “You want me to talk to him?”

“Hell, no.” Scotty couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but something had definitely freaked Preston out when he’d been in Scotty’s office earlier. But the last thing he needed or wanted was his big brother making waves and escalating the issue. If Preston really didn’t like him because of his sexual preferences, Jack talking to him wouldn’t change that anyway. “Don’t say anything. Please?”

“If you’re sure.”

“Totally.” Scotty searched for something to change the subject. “Speaking of, how long have you and Wendy been at it?”

Jack lost a shade of color, and then two dark red spots appeared on his cheeks. “What? Me and Wendy?”

“Yeah, you and Wendy.”

“Have you been talking to Preston?”

Scotty grimaced. Like Preston shared anything with him. “No. I’m not stupid, Jack. When you two look at each other there’s so much fire you could incinerate the damn building. Don’t play coy.”

Jack shifted in his chair. “Okay, yes. Wendy and I have been seeing each other for a few months.”

“Cool. So is it serious or are you just messing around?”

His brother scowled. “It’s serious. In fact, we’re moving in together.”

Scotty grinned. “Well, hot damn. That’s great. So why is it some big secret then?”

Jack sighed and rose, running his hand through his blond hair. “I don’t know. I guess I don’t think I’m ready to force the folks on her.”

“Jeez, why not? Come on, Jack, if they can handle their baby boy being gay, do you really think they’ll have a problem with Wendy being black?”

“Maybe,” Jack acknowledged. “I just want to be cautious. They didn’t react well at first to your being gay. They accepted it gradually. You know Dad can be a prick. He’s not the easiest guy to please. Wendy’s already freaked about her own family. I don’t want to stress her out, Scotty.”

Scotty nodded. “I understand. It’s cool. But you know if you’re living together, you’ll eventually have to spill your guts.”

Jack smiled. “I know. And thanks. You sure there’s nothing else you need?”

“A raise?”

“Funny. You know you could have shaved.”

“Uh-huh,” Scotty said. “But you know I like the sexy scruffy look. It’s attracted a lot of men to me.”

“You’re a punk. Anyone ever tell you that?”

Scotty laughed. “Yeah, you used to call me that all the time when we were young.”

Jack went to the door. “You’re still young. And you’re still a punk. Don’t work too hard.”

Scotty unlocked the door to the outer office of Trask and Reynolds. It was eight thirty and all sane people had long since gone home.


He relocked the door and pocketed the keys. There was a single overhead light on in the reception area. Scotty knew they always left it on.

The hallway had recessed lighting, something his father and brother had done to upgrade the office. One or two of those lights were still lit as well.

Scotty opened his office door and flicked on the lights. He didn’t bother to close the door either. He loved working in an empty office. He was hot and tired and maybe even a little hungry, but he wasn’t sleepy. He didn’t want to go home to his parents’ house. They always asked too many questions. And until he could find a place of his own he was stuck.

He walked to the stereo and punched the button. Instantly loud rock music blared from the speakers. Scotty smiled. Just the way he liked it. He didn’t know why. He just liked loud music. Always had. His mom told him that was why he was already hard of hearing at twenty-five.

He realized how blazing hot it was in his office then. Still wearing the suit. Man, he hated that part of the job. Really, he would much rather have found a job away from the family business. Scotty wanted no handouts.

But since his dad was cutting back his own hours and knew Scotty was looking for a job that could use his skills as both an accountant and a private investigator, he had suggested that the situation would be ideal for all parties.

Scotty went to his desk and sat on the edge, kicking off his shoes. He might as well get comfortable. No one around to tell him he wasn’t toeing the company line.

Thoughts of Preston entered his mind, unbidden. He was supposed to be getting work done, not daydreaming about the unattainable. But damn, he’d been thinking about Pres all day. Life sure sucked some times.

He let his thoughts drift to his favorite fantasy. Scotty would be sitting behind his desk, his slacks undone, stroking his cock. His eyes closed, he wouldn’t hear Preston come into his office until he stood right next to Scotty. Then Preston would offer to take over the stroking of Scotty’s cock.

Shit, he was getting hard.

Scotty leaned back his head, closing his eyes. The tie and collar suddenly choked him and he reached up to loosen them.

“God, it’s hot,” he said aloud.

“Yeah, it is.”

Scotty’s eyelids flew open, his heart hammering in his chest. Preston stood only a few feet away. His chocolate-brown eyes were focused on Scotty with what he could have sworn was lust. Scotty licked his dry lips. He had to be imagining Preston. No one else was in the office. And he sure as hell did not see desire in Preston’s gaze.

“Preston?” His own voice sounded coarse to his ears. “I…I didn’t think anyone else was here.”

Preston didn’t answer. He took a couple of steps closer to Scotty, stopping to stand just within Scotty’s parted legs.

“Uh.” Scotty couldn’t say anything else. His mouth closed, tongue frozen. Tangible desire thrummed through his veins. He didn’t want to act too rashly. Didn’t want to read something he wanted desperately to be there when it wasn’t. Couldn’t be.

Preston reached out and ran his thumb along Scotty’s bottom lip. A shiver went up Scotty’s spine.

Preston leaned forward, his breath caressing Scotty’s skin. He lowered his lips, grazing Scotty’s mouth. “What the hell are you doing to me?” Preston asked in the barest of whispers.

Copyright © Shawn Lane


Customer Reviews

At Long Last: Scott and Preston Review by Shannan
**I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.**

Preston Reynolds is shocked by his feelings when his best friend's brother, Scotty gets a job at their firm. Scotty left six years ago for New York, but he's back in LA working for his father. Preston is a divorced father of two. Being gay is something that never crossed his mind until Scotty comes back to LA.

Scotty has been in lust with Preston for years. He knows its a dead end crush. Preston's straight and Scotty is completely out and proud of who he is.

Preston can't understand the attraction to Scott, but he can't not act on it either. Things between them are hot and heavy until Preston insists that being "abnormal" is something he wants. He needs to keep what's between them secret. Scott isn't about to hide who he is for anyone...or is being with Preston enough to go back into the closet? Preston needs to figure out what's important to him.

I enjoyed Scott and Preston's story. It hit me in the feels a few times and I found myself shedding a tear or two. I felt bad for Scotty but Preston too, it was a whole new world for him. With the two stories combined into an omnibus is was a quick read.

*Wicked Reads Review Team*
(Posted on 7/5/2016)

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