Exception to the Rule 1: Almost Heaven

Kimberly Gardner

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When Chris meets Kevin at his brother's school, he instantly gets hot for teacher. He can only hope that the sexy guy is gay. Later, when Kevin shows up at the gym where Chris works, Chris is sure he's got him hooked. A shared kis...
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Full Description

When Chris meets Kevin at his brother's school, he instantly gets hot for teacher. He can only hope that the sexy guy is gay. Later, when Kevin shows up at the gym where Chris works, Chris is sure he's got him hooked. A shared kiss is absolutely electric but then Kevin turns tail and runs. What the hell? Maybe he's in the closet.

Yes, in fact, Kevin is in the closet, Deep in the closet. He has to be. He's going to be a priest. While he's very attracted to Chris, he simply can't pursue it. Giving in to that attraction would ruin his life. Still, he can't deny what he feels so instead he vows to stay away from Chris.

But steering clear is not so easy when what you've found is Almost Heaven.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: male/male sexual practices.
Christian Talleo turned his Mustang into the driveway of St. Anselm's Preparatory Academy. The purr of the V8 made him smile. With all the windows down, he could smell the first scents of autumn and feel the nip in the air.

Steering with one hand, Chris flipped open his phone and dialed Mark's cell. It was nearly twenty after three, past the time when school let out, and there was a chance his younger brother hadn't waited for him. Not much of a chance since conning a driving lesson out of his big brother had been the sole purpose of Mark's life ever since he'd turned sixteen two weeks earlier.

Instead of his brother's standard greeting of “yo,” the call went directly to voice mail. Hmm, weird. Even if Mark hadn't waited for him, he still should've answered his phone. Chris cut off the call without leaving a message.

He texted Mark instead.

Where r u?

Chris pulled the car into the circular turnaround that fronted the school building. All the buses were gone, but a few kids still milled around.

His phone chimed. He had a text.

Got cuffed.

Chris grinned. Mark was in detention. He glanced once more at the time. Since he knew from his own student days that detention at the prep lasted one hour, most likely Mark would be there until four o'clock.

Chris texted back.

Ill try 2 spring u.

After flipping his phone closed, Chris hooked it on his belt, then climbed out of the car. He grinned as he mounted the steps. His car had already attracted the attention of the few boys hanging around out front.

"That your car?" a kid with blue spiky hair and an eyebrow piercing asked.

Chris nodded.

"Sweet," the kid said.

"Thanks." Chris opened the door and stepped into the school's quiet lobby. The second set of doors required a key card for access. Of course he didn't have one. If it had been earlier, like around three o'clock, he could have waited for someone to come out and maybe let him through, a thing the kids were never supposed to do yet did anyway. Chris paused just inside the door and reviewed his options.

No matter how charming he tried to be, the secretary probably would not just buzz him in. Mark was out of the question since springing him from detention was the reason he wanted in, in the first place. He could go outside and see if one of the kids would use his access card to open the door. Yeah, that's what he would do.

The inside door opened, and a man came out.

Chris stopped, his hand already on the push bar that opened the outside door. Casually as he could, he let the hand drop back to his side.

"Hold that door?" Chris tried to sound like he had every right to go inside. The guy let the door swing shut.


"Can I help you?"

Chris took in the man's six-feet-something height, broad shoulders, wavy dark hair, and big brown eyes at a glance.

Oh, baby, you sure can.

Clearly, this guy was no student. He was too old, maybe twenty-four or -five. Probably a teacher. Chris gave the guy his most dazzling smile, the one that was most effective at getting him laid when he used it in the bars.

"I'm here to pick up my brother, Mark Talleo. I think he's got detention. I was going to just go down to the cafeteria balcony and tell him I'm here. Do you think you could let me in so I can do that?" Chris held his breath.

The man of the gorgeous hair and eyes glanced at his watch. "Detention won't be over for another thirty-five minutes or so."

"I know." Chris assumed his sheepish face. "I was hoping I could maybe get him sprung a little early. Unless Father Jennings is detention proctor this month. He never let anybody go early."

The man laughed, a warm, rich chuckle that made Chris's belly flutter pleasantly.

"I take it you were a student here.

Chris nodded. "I graduated eight years ago." He held out his hand. "Christian Talleo."

"Kevin O'Neill."

Chris's hand was taken. Kevin had nice hands, big with wide palms and long fingers. For a moment Chris let himself imagine how those hands would feel on his -- He cut the thought off. He didn't even know if the guy was gay. Though there was no time like the present to find out.

They shook. When Kevin let go, Chris trailed his fingers over Kevin's palm on the release. He held Kevin's gaze as he did, sending a clear signal.

Please, let him be gay. Gay and not dating anyone.

"So, do you teach here?"

"Yes. I teach juniors and seniors. What did you say your brother's name was?"

"Mark Talleo. He's a sophomore." Chris shifted. He could smell Kevin, and his dick was starting to take notice.

"I know Mark. I haven't had him in class yet, though. Nice kid." Kevin studied Chris's face. "He looks like you, doesn't he?" His gaze slid down Chris's body, then snapped back to his face.

Chris suppressed a shiver of excitement. Oh, this guy was so totally gay and so totally interested.

"Yeah, well, we are brothers." Chris paused and sent Kevin another smile. He wanted Kevin O'Neill's number, wanted to keep him talking, wanted to kiss him, wanted to strip him out of that conservative shirt and tie and make him moan.

Kevin licked his lips. "I can't just let you in. It's against school policy. But I can walk you down to the caf, if you want."

"That would be great."

Kevin keyed them in, and Chris fell into step beside him. As they walked, he let his arm brush against Kevin's. The man did not move away. Definitely a good sign.

From the corner of his eye, Chris watched Kevin walk. He moved like an athlete, smooth and graceful. His long legs ate up the hallway. Damn, at this rate, they would reach the caf way too soon.

"You play sports, Kevin?"

"Not anymore." Kevin turned the corner into another hallway, the one that led to the cafeteria. "I do some yoga, but that's about it."

"What did you play? Before I mean."

"Basketball. I still play now and then, just for fun. But I was never really that good, not tall enough and not coordinated enough." There was that chuckle again. "How did you know I used to play ball?"

"It's how you move."

"Yeah?" They arrived at the cafeteria, and Kevin reached for the door. But he didn't open it, only stood there with his hand on the handle, looking at Chris.

"Yeah. I'm a personal trainer, so I notice stuff like that." Suddenly, inspiration struck. "I work over at Live Well Fitness. Have you ever been?"

Kevin shook his head.

Chris dug in the pocket of his jeans, produced a slightly battered business card, and held it out. "It's a nice club. If you want a tour, stop by and I'll show you around."

Kevin reached for the card, then hesitated. His eyes met Chris's. "That's really nice of you, but I wouldn't want to put you to any trouble."

"It's no trouble. In fact, it would be my pleasure." Chris slid the card into the breast pocket of Kevin's shirt.

Something flashed in Kevin's chocolate brown eyes, and Chris felt a little thrill of triumph. Oh yeah, Kevin would be stopping by; he just knew it.

Kevin turned away. It could be wishful thinking, probably was, but Chris thought the move seemed just a bit reluctant.

"Okay, well, let me go see if I can get your brother paroled. It was nice meeting you, Christian."

"Thanks. And it's Chris."

As Kevin disappeared inside the cafeteria, Chris only just resisted a fist pump.

Oh yeah, Kevin was so going to be his.

Copyright © Kimberly Gardner


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