All I Want for Christmas is a Quick Bang-Bang

Ann Lory

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Jacob's wanted Sophie for several months now and with Christmas upon them, Jacob decides he's going to make his holiday wish come true. He's going to start where they usually meet, but under different circumstances: In the boardro...
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Full Description

Jacob's wanted Sophie for several months now and with Christmas upon them, Jacob decides he's going to make his holiday wish come true. He's going to start where they usually meet, but under different circumstances: In the boardroom, with Jacob making all the demands and Sophie begging for more.

Sophie's wanted Jacob just as long and has a holiday wish too. She's only too eager to let him call the shots...on her knees, on her back, or any way he'll have her in the boardroom...and out. But there's another set of eyes watching them, someone who doesn't want them to be together.

Sophie will have to fight for her life to make sure she's the one that's tied and wrapped under the tree for Jacob to open and claim come Christmas morning.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, violence.
Sophie walked down the street, not paying attention to where she was going. She dug in her purse, while trying to keep the bags of gifts she was toting from hitting the ground.

She was running behind this year -- well not her personally. She had already finished her Christmas shopping. She was diligent about making sure all holiday gift purchases were done by October. No, she was running behind at this point in the game, because her boss had approached her at the last minute about providing gifts for all employees for the holiday party. It hadn’t mattered that a month ago during the preparations meeting he had said no gifts this year, and since he changed his mind as of this morning, the day of the holiday party, she was now behind. Mr. Shelton wanting to get gifts translated into, “She, Sophie Ryan, Executive Administrative Assistant” needed to get those gifts.

She continued to dig around in her purse while charging ahead. Where the hell had she put her badge to get into the building? She was already getting flustered. She hated last minute! And this was beyond last minute.

She was all about details, everything being where it was supposed to be. Okay, so she was anal, she thought to herself as she contemplated stopping and dumping the entire contents of her purse on the ground, but she’d pull everything off. The party. The gifts. Everything.

She yelped as she collided into a solid chest; she stumbled backwards and would have fallen over, but a pair of strong hands grasped her arms and steadied her. Dazed, Sophie glanced up and sucked in a slow breath. He managed to do that to her every time. Jacob Cohn!

Even his name dripped sex. It was as if he fell out of some erotic novel and worked on her floor. The Erotic Sales Manager of Shelton Merchandising didn’t seem to have the same ring to it, but she liked it.

“You okay?”

His deep voice melted over her skin like dark silk, and her pussy lips actually quivered. She stepped away from him, trying to keep herself from stammering like an idiot. He was the only man who could make her feel out of control. She was used to being in control. Again, everything had to be neat and orderly, but she never felt that way with Jacob. “I’m fine, just last minute shopping for the holiday party Mr. Shelton wanted to have. He gave me a shopping list, and I need to finish getting everything set up.”

Jacob grinned. His even teeth snapped together, sharp and white against his deeply tanned skin. Did the guy tan all year round? She wanted to lick every inch of him. She fought against slipping her tongue over her own lips, and running her fingers through his wavy dark hair, and from staring too long into those gorgeous green eyes of his. A man’s eyes weren’t supposed to sparkle, were they? He had smooth, classic cheekbones, a chiseled nose, and a wicked mouth that looked good for kissing and tempting ladies to do naughty things. He had a hard, lean body like he ran a lot, defined, and sculpted, with a broad chest, narrow hips, and long legs. Damn, if she could have one thing for Christmas all she’d want was a quick bang, bang from Jacob. Oh yeah…“So, you going to hang around for that, or leave once it’s all set up?” Jacob asked.

Sophie had to force herself to focus on what he was saying. She struggled to keep herself from the thoughts zinging through her mind “I’m sorry, what did you say?”

“I asked if you were going to remain at the party, or leave once it’s all set up?”

“Oh, I don’t know yet.”

“I’ll be there. You should stay.”

Sophie smiled. “Okay, maybe. Well…” She lifted her arms for emphasis. “I gotta go.”

He nodded. Using his badge across the security pad, he unlocked the door then held it open for her. “I’ll see you after awhile.”

Sophie ducked her head and entered the building, hurrying to the elevator to the twenty-fifth floor, hardly able to contain herself. Hopefully, tonight she might get somewhere with Jacob Cohn. Maybe a date? She giggled softly as wicked thoughts entered her head. She’d never dated a white guy before, but she could be open to the possibilities. Again, what she’d really like to have was a long night of fucking, but she was never brazen. Nope, that didn’t fall into line with her practical personality and Jacob seemed so professional. So reserved, maybe he wasn’t that way either. She sighed wistfully and let her imagination soar.

What would it be like to be more than just acquaintances at work, if she could just let go for at least one night and have her way with him? She stepped into the elevator and the doors slid closed. She leaned against the hard wood, seeing in her mind Jacob’s long, hard body pinning her against the elevator wall. His hands were everywhere, pulling at her clothes, literally ripping them from her body. She sucked in a breath, thankful the elevator was empty. She felt her womb clench and dampness between her legs. He was lifting her against the wall now, holding her up as he shoved her panties aside and buried himself deep.

She couldn’t help the grin plastered across her face when she exited the elevator.

* * * * *

Jacob watched Sophie hurry away. He shook his head. She was so quiet around the office, but he knew if he ever got her alone as he’d been daydreaming about for months that she was probably a dream in the bedroom.

He watched her ass swaying provocatively back and forth till she disappeared. She had no idea how sexy she was. Her skin was like smooth, chocolate cream, to be licked and savored. Her long black hair fell in spirals down her back. Her eyes were swirling pools of dark brown. She had round cheekbones, a cute pixie nose, and succulent lips that looked like they could make him fall to his knees and beg for mercy. Her breasts were full and looked firm. He could imagine them in his hands, his fingers moving over each nipple. Her waist was trim and her ass was perfectly rounded, and it beckoned him. The whole package was topped off with shapely legs that he watched whenever she walked around the office.

He’d wanted to make a move on her the moment he was hired four months ago, but she seemed so distant. He sighed. He was a man of action and he wanted Sophie Ryan. It was time to quit hanging back and make a move. It was the holidays and damn it he had a holiday wish and he’d make damn sure something happened tonight. He’d find her and make her beg for his touch and he’d claim her as his once and for all.

Copyright © Ann Lory


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