A Walk in the Woods

Kirra Pierce

Chained to a bed in a locked cell, the Duke's sworn man, Ty waits for moonrise. Infected in an ambush by a Raver, Ty must now learn to see if his mind will snap during his first change to wolf form. And if he goes mad, he will be ...
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Full Description

Chained to a bed in a locked cell, the Duke's sworn man, Ty waits for moonrise. Infected in an ambush by a Raver, Ty must now learn to see if his mind will snap during his first change to wolf form. And if he goes mad, he will be killed.

When Cassandra stops at the local inn for the night, the villagers throw her into the cell with Ty -- a pretty stranger makes a perfect sacrificial offering to test a new werewolf. Life at risk, she leashes his beast with passion. Now, he needs her to help control the animal within until he can reach the aid of the Brethren wolves.

Duke Cynbarion hears what's happened to his sworn man and insists on traveling with Ty and Cassandra. He'll do whatever it takes to keep Ty sane and whole. A powerful Duke alone in the woods except for a woman and a man clinging to his sanity? Just what his enemies would like to hear, but then, Cyn excels at keeping secrets -- until Cassandra uncovers and fulfills needs he has long kept hidden.

Away from civilization, an enemy waits, and more than Ty's fate will be decided during their Walk in the Woods.

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: menage (m/f/m) and sex while in shifted form.
Cassandra sat on the edge of the bed. Not touching, but close to the male body that seemed to give off as much heat as the fire.

“Ty, are you hungry?” She took a bit of meat from the table and offered it to him. While his chains were actually loose enough for him to reach the food, it was obviously untouched. Still, from her he took the meat, and then licked her fingers clean. A shiver ran down her spine despite the heat.

“I can taste you under the food, Cassandra. Are you sure it’s a good idea for me to associate you with food?”

She pushed away the thought of his soon-to-be-fanged mouth tearing into her flesh and continued to feed him. “Oh yes, I’m going to feed you and take care of your body. You will learn to associate me with pleasure before the moon rises.”

Ty took her fingers into his mouth, biting just enough to prevent their escape then sucking and licking more as he watched her intently. Her breath quickened and she unconsciously licked her own lips. He released the fingers with a final lick. “What do you know of the beasts?”

“I am a trader. I specialize in spices and medicines. I know of the beasts, the brethren, from my travels. I have even camped with them on occasion. They call me friend. What do you know of what will happen to you this night?”

He swallowed the wine she offered. She watched his throat work. She held herself carefully straight and away, although her fingers itched to touch him. She would give him what choices she could. His courage and calm only added to the pull that she had felt just looking at him. He was already incredibly attractive to her as a man and would become only more so with the scent the beasts exuded.

His mouth pulled back into a bitter smile. “I know some: that there will be a fever first, some madness during the change and then the beast will remain. After that I will either kill you as prey or not.”

She swallowed. Well, that was the bald truth. “That’s pretty much correct. The brethren also treat those affected as pack until they go through the change. The bonding helps to control the beast. I’m going to do something of that with you. You’ll have my life in your hands; trust me with your body until then. It will give us a bond to help us get through the night and make you brethren, not raver.”

Ty’s eyes measured her again as she sat next to him and waited. Cassandra was a good trader and knew how to project confidence. She put that confidence into her face now. A small smile formed on Ty’s lips. “I am not usually one to give up control, but…tonight, lady, I give my body over to your care.” His voice trailed off, and he visibly forced the muscles clenched in his shoulders and arms to relax. It was the first sign of weakness or fear he had shown, the first sign of trust.

“Very well, Ty.” She gave a smile of her own. It warmed from one of relief to one of possession. She reached into the small purse tied to her waist and pulled out a comb.

“This room is nicely warm.” Standing, she placed the comb on the table and turned her back to him. First she untied the purse and dropped it to the floor, and then, gathering her courage, she pulled off her tunic. Her hand loosened the tie holding her pants. Bending to remove them, she displayed her round ass and grinned as she heard his breath hitch then deepen. Standing, she turned back to face him and revealed a body that was slim but muscled, suited to the physical demands of one who constantly traveled. She considered her breasts well rounded, but not overly generous. Her whole body glowed with a light sheen of sweat, both from nerves and the heated room.

His voice came out in a whisper. “You are beautiful.”

She flushed, but her voice was firm when she spoke. “Sit up, Ty. There is enough slack in your chains for that.”

He silently obeyed her and sat straight up. The chains forced his arms back at an awkward angle.

Naked, she slipped under his arm and into the bed behind him. She took the comb from the table in a hand that only shook a little. “You may sit back.”

Tensely, he leaned back into her body. She reached up and began to comb his hair with gentle tugs to remove the snarls, then long soothing strokes. The tension that had gripped his body faded away.

Even before he relaxed, the seductive scent of the beast had begun to fill the air around him. It, the heat of his body, and touch of his skin worked to relax her as much as him. He let his head sag forward. The movement pushed his ass tightly against her cunt. Cassandra muffled a moan as the heat of his body contacted her just there.

She discarded the comb and began to run her hands through his hair, her fingers lightly rubbing his scalp. He sighed contentedly. Keeping her touch light but firm, she moved her hands down so the nails and tips of her fingers stroked over his neck and shoulders. She pressed a kiss into the center of his back. His breath caught and then he slumped more, relaxing further into her control. She noted his rising body temperature and felt a tremor of her nervousness return.

The change fever was beginning. It was time for more.

She reached round his chest with her hands. Her legs kicked the covers down. Her feet then curved over his legs, pulling in toward his body. The action pushed his legs open further. She held him there and his breath quickened. Her finger kneaded the flesh around his nipples while her feet pulled all the way up inside his legs to surround and cup his balls.

“Uh, Cassandra, what are you going to do?”

She grinned into his back, guessing what he feared. “No harm Ty. I do not intend to geld the beast to control his aggression. Remember, I intend to bind you with pleasure.”

Copyright © Kirra Pierce


Customer Reviews

Pretty good story even if lightweight Review by GG
This story is a lightweight erotic romance, fun and easy to read with no major mistakes or plot issues. A young woman and a newly-made shape-shifter are forced into proximity, and the only way for both to stay alive is to have sex. They deal with that situation like two kind-hearted intelligent adults. As they spend more time together, they learn more about their situation as they journey to safety, to a group who will certainly aid the shape-shifter in his transition. The plot is not elaborate. The lone villain is not so much evil as misguided, although it still dies in the end. As I was reading, I felt like this book was a “starter” book. The dialogue and background are not rich in detail, and the three main characters – Cassandra, Tyler (Ty), and Duke Cynbarion (Cyn) – are somewhat two-dimensional. The sex scenes are less sophisticated than the other scenes, almost as if the author was not entirely comfortable writing sex scenes. Despite all this, I will read another book by this author. The world-building concept is good, the story is fun, and the author’s writing skills are likely to improve. In fact, the author has another book in the same world that I will try, although it costs two dollars more so it is not an immediate automatic buy for me. But I’ll give it a try if just to be able to compare and review it. (Posted on 2/26/2017)
Definitely wouldn' Review by Teah
Shifters, menage and sexy scenes what more can I say. (Posted on 8/25/2013)

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