A New Resolution

Ceri Grenelle

New Year’s Eve represents a time of promises and new beginnings, but for Lore Beyer it will always be the night her family fell apart. Seventeen years later and Lore appears to be a successful and confident woman, but on the ins...
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New Year’s Eve represents a time of promises and new beginnings, but for Lore Beyer it will always be the night her family fell apart. Seventeen years later and Lore appears to be a successful and confident woman, but on the inside her emotions and fears are wrapped up so tightly she might burst from the pressure. She made a resolution when she was a young girl to never allow herself to become anything like her father, no matter the cost.

Kieran always noticed the raven-haired beauty in his yoga class, and when his boyfriend Nolan notices her as well, Kieran decides it’s time to bring his fantasy of their threesome to life. The undertaking is harder than the men imagined, as Lore claims she is better off when in complete control of her temperament and shutting the world out. But Nolan and Kieran see an unbridled spirit just itching to be released from within her prim and proper facade. In order for their relationship to flourish Lore must make a new resolution to overcome the scars of her past and fully realize the woman she was meant to be.

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    A New Resolution
As their orgasms subsided, they lay there for a good while, just breathing one another in, enjoying the press and heat of their bodies. Kieran pulled out gently before rolling onto his back. Nolan moved to rest his head on Kieran’s shoulder. Kieran loved this as much as the sex. He was too much of a guy to call it cuddling, but the togetherness they felt after a vigorous fucking was pleasing and calming. Nolan centered his hectic mind like no other.

“So,” Kieran said after a while, reluctantly pushing away from Nolan, then heading toward the sink in the corner of the room to clean up. The soap in his studio was more for getting paint and charcoal off his hands, but he’d used it for these purposes before. “What made you come home hot and horny?”

Nolan leaned up on his elbow, a smarmy smirk making him appear well satisfied. “Besides seeing you half-naked and dirty with paint all over you?”

“I know there are few sights better…but yes.” After deeming himself clean, Kieran wet a clean washcloth with warm water and came back to sit with Nolan on the floor. Nolan turned on his side without needing to be asked and sighed contentedly as Kieran began to clean him.

“You know that sexual harassment case we’ve been working on at the office?”

Kieran paused. “A sexual harassment case turned you on? Is there a psychosis I was previously unaware of that I need to be worried about?”

“Shut up or I won’t tell you anything.” Nolan laughed, turning back to give Kieran’s nipple a sharp bite in reprimand. Kieran caught Nolan’s jaw between his hands and bent to kiss him, pushing him down onto the floor. He rubbed his face across Nolan’s chest before nuzzling his neck and breathing him in while Nolan continued to talk. “The woman who originally brought the case to Wayne is apparently the same woman you have the hots for in your Sunday yoga class.”

“Lore?” Kieran looked up at Nolan with glee, running his hand gently up and down Nolan’s chest, luxuriating in the coarse hair tickling his fingers. “You met Lore? Holy fuck, no wonder you were horny. That woman was made to be bent over and fucked.” He frowned playfully, and then stuck his lips out in a petulant pout. “Only by us, though.”

“You don’t think she’s a bit…aloof?”

Kieran sat up, feeling slightly bad at Nolan’s wince as his ass sat back in a blue paint puddle. So much for cleaning him up. “Yeah, she’s quiet, but I’m telling you, Nolan, there is more there, something beneath that icy exterior that is screaming for a couple of guys like us to discover.”

“To discover?” Nolan went to run his hand over his hair before stopping, seeing there was red paint coating his fingers. “She isn’t a woman to be conquered, Kier. Don’t turn her into one of your art projects. The woman just got out of a sexual harassment case, for Christ’s sake.”

“I know that. You know what I mean, don’t you?” Kieran needed him to know, to feel what he felt for the raven-haired goddess.

Nolan scratched his stubble-filled jaw, clearly forgetting his other hand was covered in paint as well. His jaw looked remarkably lovely with that neon-pink color on it. This whole experience was giving Kieran some interesting inspiration for a new body painting photography project.

“It’s a good thing I invited her over for dinner, then. Isn’t it?”

“What?” Kieran asked, shaken from his thoughts on a naked Nolan and body painting. “Are you kidding? When? How? Did she say yes?”

Nolan moved to his hands and knees, slowly pinning Kieran to the floor and tossing his muscular leg over Kieran’s abdomen to straddle him. Kieran could feel his semierect cock rubbing against Nolan’s ass, and he just wanted to fuck him all over again. He couldn’t get enough of the man.

“She didn’t agree yet. Something about being busy cleaning out her folks’ house getting in the way.” He leaned over and kissed Kieran’s lips, sipping at him like the finest of whiskeys. “You’ll just have to do a little work the next few classes to get her to agree.”

“Do a little work?” Kieran asked, loving the devious nature of Nolan’s mind. When the man caught something in his sights, he pursued it with narrow-minded focus.

Nolan huffed in exasperation, standing over Kieran and helping him to his feet. Large hands framed Kieran’s face as he looked into Nolan’s eyes. “You still don’t have any actual awareness of your utter attractiveness, do you?”

Kieran tilted his head to the right. “No…?”

“Put your mat in front of her during class and make sure to stretch your ass right in her face.” Kieran shivered as Nolan’s hands moved from his face to his shaft, stroking and teasing from base to tip. Fuck, Nolan’s hands were magic. “Wear those tight yoga pants you know I love—the ones that frame this sexy cock.”

“I thought it was just a dinner invitation,” Kieran said, watching Nolan as the muscular lawman went to his knees in front of him.

“It is, baby. But maybe it could also be a seduction.” With that, he engulfed Kieran’s cock in his mouth and proved just how thorough and effective a well-planned seduction could be.

* * * *

On the outside Lore was composed with a generous and understanding smile. On the inside, she was a raging fire of pissed-off female fury, itching to wring the neck of the skinny bitch on the opposite side of the counter. It had taken Lore a week of back and forth on the phone trying to figure out where she needed to send the documents regarding her mother’s death in order to acquire some items in a storage facility her mom had apparently held outside of town. Everything had been worked out; now all she needed to do was conquer the one woman standing in her way like a ten-ton brick wall. This particular brick wall had a neon-green scrunchie in her teased-to-hell hair.

“Ma’am, I’m telling you,” the neon-green scrunchie postal worker said through loud chews of her gum. “There is no such place as you’re describing.”

“I assure you there is. Now please just accept this package and mail it.” She placed her hand on the thick manila envelope and laughed lightly as if she were telling a joke. “May I ask why you care if it doesn’t get where it’s going? It’s my package.”

The woman looked as if Lore had called her mother a whore. “Ma’am, this is the United States Postal Service; we always care that your package gets where it’s going. Where do you think you are? UPS?”

A tall and well-made male body leaned against the counter on Lore’s right. His brown eyes sparkled in the usual mirth she was lucky enough to see every Sunday, only this time they were directed at the scrunchie-wearing postal worker. “Well then, tell me what happened to the three-hundred-dollar headphones I mailed my cousin last Christmas? Those sure as hell didn’t get where they were going.”

“Kieran!” Lore smiled, placing her hand on his arm in equal parts thanks and warning. A second body, this one larger with dark skin and eyes a contrasting hazel, leveled their gaze on the postal worker. “Yeah, Kier, those were some nice headphones, but I’m sure if you were helping us then, ma’am, you could have located them.”

“Nolan.” What were they playing at?

“Absolutely, sir,” Nineties-hair Postal-service Lady said with a fierce nod. Thank goodness there weren’t any people behind Lore in line. There would have been a riot by that point. “I take pride in my job, and I know if I send this out, it’s either gonna get lost or it will be sent back. I’ve been living here for a few years now”—as opposed to Lore residing there her entire life, but of course this woman knew the area better—“and I know there is no such storage facility in the zip code she is sending this package to. There is nothin’ out there.”

“It’s all that’s out there,” Lore muttered.

“Well, then it’s no longer your responsibility,” Nolan spoke over Lore, leaning in toward the postal worker, his perfectly white teeth sparkling in a gleaming smile. “You have illustrated the dangers of sending this package to this particular zip code quite clearly. She understands, even if she is ignoring your warning.”

“Mail at your own risk, Lore,” Kieran chided, looking appropriately like a parent scolding a child.

The woman wasn’t satisfied. “Yeah, but she’ll come back and be all annoyed—”

“I assure you, if that happens, we will rein the little hussy back and even bring her in ourselves.” Kieran dropped his voice conspiratorially. “Just so you can say ‘I told you so.’”

The woman glanced at Lore, considering the tempting offer before switching back to the charming men. “You two will be there?”

“Absolutely,” Nolan agreed.

“Just to laugh in her face.” Kieran was having too much fun with this.

“Hmm, it’s tempting…”

“Is this legal?” Lore asked, not able to keep quiet any longer. Kieran pinched her side in reprimand beneath the counter.

“As long as you two come back, I guess I can handle it.” She slapped her hands on the counter, decision to accommodate Lore made. “All right, gimme the package.”

“Thank you,” Lore said through gritted teeth.

“You’re welcome.”

* * * *

“To laugh in her face?” Lore pinched Kieran on the arm once outside the post office and out of sight of the devilish postal worker of the neon-green scrunchie.

“Don’t fuck with post office workers, Lore,” Kieran warned, grabbing her hand before she could pull away. “Seriously, if you listen to nothing else I tell you ever again, just listen to this. Do not fuck with the post office. They will eat you alive.”

“And you’ll never get your mail again,” Nolan added helpfully.

“Or it will be in really shitty places.”

“Like on top of the roof of your house.”

“Or in a pile of dog crap.”

“Oh, yeah, that’s a bad one.”

Lore couldn’t help but laugh at their back-and-forth banter. “Okay, now I get it.”

“Get what?” Nolan asked.

“How you two are together.” She pointed rapidly from one to the other. “How you fit. You’re both complete and total geeks.”

“What? That is just—I prefer the term overachieving enthusiast,” Kieran stuttered, placing his palm on his chest.

“Call it whatever you like; you’re both still geeks.” Geeks who made her smile and laugh as they made fools of themselves to help her out.

“And what are you?” Nolan asked, his voice too low and sultry to hint of anything good.

“Normal, average, boring woman.”

“See, that’s where you’re wrong,” Kieran chided, this time his scolding more playful than she was prepared to handle. The reality of the two men together and staring at her in a way she’d only fantasized about was a tad overwhelming. “I can see past your boring, khaki-wearing facade.”

“Do I even dare to ask what you see?”

Nolan kissed her hand, his full lips like silky pillows on her skin. “Come to dinner with us, and I’ll tell you.”

It was too much; they were too much. Seeing them together and wanting them at the same time with the new voracity she had come to associate with these men alone, wouldn’t allow her to remain in control of her emotions. She would let go around them, become the person she feared becoming. “Sorry, but I must now go and harass a woman at the DMV. Any advice?”


“Don’t fuck with the DMV?” She cut Kieran off, his smile lighting an unfamiliar flame inside her belly. “Sage advice.”

“Take it to heart.”

“The DMV won’t take all day. Just come to dinner with us,” Nolan reasoned, ever the resourceful lawyer. “What are you so afraid of? Is it embarrassing for you to be seen with two guys who are dating each other?”

“What?” she asked, reasonably insulted at the stupid question. “How can you even ask me that?”

Kieran entwined his fingers with Nolan’s. “You’d be surprised how many people can pretend our relationship doesn’t bother them when just faced with one-half of the whole picture.”

“That’s disgusting; no, of course it doesn’t bother me. In fact it—”

“It what?” Nolan asked as she caught herself. “No, no, you can’t back out now. It what?”

She glared at him for a second before conceding his point. To deny them what she had originally intended would express fear. She couldn’t afford that weakness, even if revealing this fact betrayed another type of weakness entirely. “I actually find seeing two men together quite stimulating.” She didn’t give them the chance to respond, just turned around and dashed off to her car, yelling over her shoulder, “Thanks for your help. Good-bye.”

“So you’re afraid of us overstimulating you?” Kieran shouted after her. She could hear the damn smile in his voice. “Is that it?”

“Good-bye, Kieran. Good-bye, Nolan.”

“Until next time, beautiful.” Nolan calling her beautiful would circle her mind through her entire DMV appointment.

Copyright © Ceri Grenelle


Customer Reviews

A New Resolution Review by Ruthie
"I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads."

This is a very sexy read, with some lovely moments of fun and friendship thrown in for good measure. I enjoyed the unfolding plot-lines nearly as much as the developing relationship. The revealing of their thoughts and fears enhanced the storyline. This author knows how to get one hot and bothered in the very best of ways.

~~Wicked Reads Review Team~~
(Posted on 2/8/2015)
Enjoyable Review by Dawn
*** Received a free copy to read and review for wicked reads review team***
Well the beginning of this story was not what I expected at all, I was taken totally by surprise.
I really enjoyed how the three main characters were brought together, all knowing each other in some way, Lore met Kieran in yoga and she met Nolan as he was her lawyer in a sexual harassment lawsuit.m
I liked that none of them were the same they all had different personalities that I felt worked really well within their relationship.
Sometimes when reading ménage books it can be a bit awkward when a new person is brought into the mix. I felt it was written really well and was very easy to read.
There was a few twists and turns throughout the book that kept me turning the pages. However I think I would have enjoyed it more if we had some more Kieran and Nolan, like their back stories in more depth.
Overall I enjoyed the book and would recommend it.
(Posted on 2/7/2015)
Loved Nolan and Kieran Review by Angie
~I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads Review Team~
Lore loved New Year’s Eve, it was her favorite holiday until that fateful night when she was a young girl. Now, seventeen years later she is still sticking to the last NYE resolution she made. Nolan and Kieran have been together for several years and are in love but also like to bring women into their relationship at times. Kieran knows Lore from yoga class, Nolan knows her from a lawsuit he helped with. Both men want her, she wants both men but doesn’t want to come between them. Can they work something out? This story was ok, it think we could have learned more about Kieran and Nolan and their back story and then maybe had more of an epilogue.
Characters: The characters were well written and believable.
Sex: yes
Religious: no
Would I recommend to others: yes
More than one book in the series: no
Genre: M/M/F/Romance
Would I read more by this author: yes
~Wicked Reads Review Team~
(Posted on 2/2/2015)

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