A Guardian's Passion

Mya Lairis

Freya Daniels, a warrior wolf, is expecting her first cub and overwhelmed by the attention lavished on her by her mates, Fenris, the imposing, dominant luna and Rayne the crafty, delicious witchwolf. Needing a break, she agrees to...
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Full Description

Freya Daniels, a warrior wolf, is expecting her first cub and overwhelmed by the attention lavished on her by her mates, Fenris, the imposing, dominant luna and Rayne the crafty, delicious witchwolf. Needing a break, she agrees to attend a Sohon retreat for expectant mothers. What should be a relaxing and informative week however turns to disaster as a vampire who yearns to put werewolves back in their place as slaves, unleashes an attack on the Sohon compound, kidnapping mothers and cubs alike.

In the midst of chaos and destruction, Freya has to rely upon her mates to take the vengeance she longs to--while she learns to become a warrior of a different type.

Many women might have swooned at the sight before her. In a spacious room with a crackling fire in the hearth, two drop-dead gorgeous males lounged upon a bed the size of boat. One was a symbol of Nordic legend and power: seven feet of naked, tanned muscle and manhood. He had the silvery-blond hair of his mother and a smoldering dark-blue gaze. The other male was slightly shorter, slender, with an androgynous beauty that caused women to gape in jealousy. His hazel eyes tended more to gold than green, staring up at her beneath thick, dark lashes. Paler than his alpha male, he was an adornment draped over steel. Fenris was sitting up against the head of the bed. His nose was buried in Rayne’s gold-blond crown, but the expectancy in his gaze was directed at her.

Rayne was doing his best to calm down the brute, his fingers working over the boulder of Fenris’s biceps muscle, but Freya’s very entrance into the room had put an end to that. Fenris, with nostrils flaring, backed away from Rayne as if Freya were some sort of misbehaving whelp in need of punishment. Rayne tried to smile but failed.

Freya snorted as she slammed the door behind her. She refused to be swayed. Fen could growl all he wanted. Rayne could throw the doe eyes until dawn. She would not fold. Just thinking of Benna’s suggestion caused her determination to blaze as she moved into the room. She walked over to the bed and stopped just at the foot. “Get your asses up, both of you. Move over.”

Rayne slipped from the bed immediately while Fenris only moved to the edge. She walked quickly to side that Rayne had freed up.

Rayne showed the worrying disposition of a hen, with one hand clapping lightly upon her back and the other reaching nervously to the swell of her belly. “Are you all right?”

Jerking away from the touch she knew was sure to turn into a caress, Freya scrutinized the concern of her beta. Rayne could play innocent all he liked, but the tip of his tongue, pressed at the corner of his lips, gave him away like a hound considering a pork chop.

“What’s wrong, babe?” Fenris asked, showing a more genuine if sterner level of concern.

Freya sat down on the bed, easily a king-plus and still not big enough. Refusing to turn her back to Fenris, Freya warned Rayne away with her eyes, denying any gestures of help as she pulled her boots off. “Nothing is wrong. I’m fine. I’m just sleepy. I’m fucking tired, and I want some rest.”

Rayne swiftly dived to the floor to retrieve each boot as it landed, always so attentive.

“If you were so tired, then you should have come to bed earlier.”

Freya had her hands on her pants and was pushing them down when Fenris made the comment. Pausing at midthigh, she suppressed the urge to curse the smug male, knowing that it would only provoke him.

She shed her pants and then shirt, both into Rayne’s eagerly waiting grasp, before finally addressing the brooding hulk. “Well, I’m here now.” She climbed over to the middle of the bed in her tank top and boy shorts. With a fluff of the pillows, she stretched out.

Fenris did the same, moving parallel to her. She stopped him before he could begin to scoot closer. She looked over her shoulder, ignoring his raised brow. “Um, no. All I want is just a good night’s sleep with no fuss out of either of you.”

“Fuss? What do you mean?” Fenris looked far too serious for Freya to think that he was joking.

“I just want to sleep. No cuddling, no poking, no licking. Just sleep. That goes for both of you,” she warned, hands blindly reaching for the spreads.

Rayne was immediately kneeling upon the bed, looming over her to make sure not just that she found the covers but that she was sufficiently covered.

Lying on her side, Freya slid an arm up from beneath the spread and used it to pin the thick covering around her frame. It wouldn’t do a lot to keep away determined hands, but it got the message across. Yawning, she closed her eyes and thought of the days when she could sleep in her preferred position rather than her child’s. “Sleep. Just sleep’s all I need.”

For a few minutes, Freya truly believed that that her males had gotten the message. As she enjoyed the comfort of their mattress, she allowed herself to sink within the darkness provided by her eyelids. She felt her child stir and prayed that the motion was no more than the simple act of him getting comfortable. Having had a late snack of salami after leaving Benna, Freya figured it would satiate them both at least long enough for her to spend quality time in wonderland.

Freya felt the bed move, sensed Fenris shift beneath the covers, and growled, knowing what would surely come next, what always did.

His hips moved flush against hers, and he muttered. “So grumpy. Is our little boy making you upset?”

No. Just that fat cock of yours, Freya lamented before moving her hip out of the reach of Fenris’s. Bun had actually been behaving, but then the smell of roasted pork hit her nostrils, and despite Freya’s exhaustion, her son stirred. She opened her eyes to catch Rayne walking away from the fireplace with a gift in his hands.

Rayne brought a ceramic covered tray to their bedside table. He lifted the dome lid to reveal a pile of flour-frosted buns, which Freya was certain contained minced pork and pepper-and-onion stuffing. Her favorites. Wondering why she hadn’t recognized the bait earlier, she gave a whimper. Her keen senses often faltered under the hedonistic musk that her mates gave off. Still she should have known. Mesmerized by the enticing treats, she felt the need for slumber receding, and although she really wanted to sleep, Freya couldn’t stop herself from sitting up. She frowned, eyeing her crafty beta. “Really?”

Rayne snatched up one of the buns and placed it in her hand, ever the helpful one. “I just thought you might enjoy one...or two.”

She brought the treat to her lips and took a bite. She savored the explosion of the greasy pork and spicy stuffing, contrasting with the buttery, floured dough. Freya shuddered with pleasure as she chewed. “I don’t need bedside fucking munchies,” she groaned before trying to take another taste.

Fenris reached out and grabbed her wrist gently, preventing her from getting her lips back to the treat. “Oh, no. You needed rest, right?”

“Yes. And you need to let go of my hand before I get upset.”

Fenris gave a wicked laugh, sidling up close to her, assaulting her thigh once more with the iron bar of his cock. “Are you going to maul me, my alpha female?” he asked, out of expectation and excitement rather than fear, she could tell.

As much as she wished that her threats held weight behind them, Freya knew the trap too well to play into Fenris’s game. Having a mate who was a Luna wolf, a berserker, was one thing; loving him was another. Her mouth could deny him for hours, but her heart always caved. Frustrated with herself, even as she felt her resolve softening, Freya turned to find Rayne upon the bed, framing her other side as he eased down upon the mattress with the platter in his lap.

His smile was sheepish as he held another bun just centimeters away from her lips. “That’s okay. You can have this one instead.”

Freya arched up and took a bite of Rayne’s while Fenris eased the other out of her grasp for himself.

She allowed Rayne to feed her the entirety of his offering, muttering curses with every chewing motion even as Fenris shifted beneath the covers. She felt Fenris’s palm upon her belly, sliding up and over the swell to end curled at her hip.

Freya didn’t fight what she knew was going happen. She was too tired, and pastries had only made her more lax. Fenris’s blond hair draped over her shoulder as he started placing kisses upon her flesh. He pulled her tighter to his corded steel frame while Rayne presented another savory treat for her to nibble upon. Between the three of them, six meat buns vanished.

Rayne moved the empty tray to the bedside stand. He had given Freya the last pie and slipped into bed beside her. Despite all his prior charity, Rayne too sidled in close. His intent showed itself as he moved beneath the covers, his fingertips playing at the hem of her tank top.

Freya groaned as she felt the gentle brush of Rayne’s fingers over her belly, creeping like thieves up to the swollen, sensitive mounds of her breasts. Placated by food and the easy warmth of two hard bodies, she found herself quickly overwhelmed. Between the stirring of the babe within her, the combined passions of her mates, and the exhaustion of the day, her resolve vanished faster than a vamp at sunrise. She was once again right where they wanted her to be.

As Rayne’s fingers found the rigid traitor of a nipple, rolling it between his fingers, Freya knew that she had lost. “You fucking asses,” she groaned as her body responded to masterful touches and nipping kisses.

Fenris breathed hotly into her ear as he ground his cock into her hip. “What, baby? Getting hot?”

“I just wanted to sleep.”

“So did I. Wanted to be put to bed hours ago actually, but no.”

Freya rejected the notion it was her fault, but then she wasn’t totally without fault when it came to both of them expecting to be sated before slumber. Bribery was what it was. Giving Fenris and Rayne a few hours of attention had been the only way for her to get any sort of peace, yet she was tired of having to fulfill that obligation all the time.

Catching Rayne just before he could duck his pale blond head beneath the covers, before he could get his lips onto her breast, she gripped her beta’s slender shoulders and tried once more to deny the arousal caused by just his breath against her skin. “No. No, Rayne. Both of you. I’d like to sleep, just sleep. No fucking dick at my ass happening to slip inside my pussy while I’m sleeping, no waking up to find myself nursing, and no fucking food put in my face like you’re trying to fatten me for a feast. You two must think that I’m playing.”

Fenris stilled behind her and then withdrew his hold. To Freya’s surprise they both withdrew from her. Fenris sat up against the headboard, looking down at her. “Sorry,” he muttered, chest heaving. “Of course, you are exhausted. Weak. I can respect that. You are carrying our cub. Just like you were chopping wood this morning and helping with the front desk half the day.”

Refusing to acknowledge the snarky comment, Freya tried to straighten the covers over her. She closed her eyes to the pouting disappointment of Rayne and was preparing to soak into her victorious slumber when the sound of a hand slapping the mattress caught her attention.

“Rayne,” Fenris commanded. “Come.”

The bed dipped intently as Rayne cautiously climbed over her to the other side of the bed.

Her ears soon picked up the soft, wet suckling sounds of kisses and the deep moans and hitched cries of her alpha ravishing their beta.

“Will you be strong for me tonight, Rayne?” Fenris growled. “This female has me hard enough to drive nails.”

Rayne sighed with halfhearted reluctance. “But Fen--”

“I know. I know. She’s exhausted though. Suck my nipples instead. Bite hard.”

Rayne gave a broken whine, but the sound of moist lips upon flesh quickly filled the room. Fenris’s rumbling hisses pierced Freya straight to the bone.

She opened her eyes and discovered Rayne sprawled over the length of Fenris’s body. Fenris was cupping the back of Rayne’s head. Rayne was suckling heartily while gripping the width of Fenris’s shaft, and Fenris was staring at her. Rayne looked at her through the corners of his eyes, lashes batting softly. He parted his lips and withdrew his mouth from Fenris’s nipple but not before dragging his tongue slowly, tantalizingly, around the swollen, red nub of flesh. She could almost hear the command that had not been given to her--to cast slumber aside and fight.

She rose up on an elbow and glared, unable to refuse the challenge before her. “Did I tell you how much I hate both of you, you fucking curs? You are not about to be all moaning and fucking each other senseless beside me.”

Fenris gave a toothy grin, distended white canines gleaming. “Consider it a dream, and by the scent of you, a very wet one.”

Rayne slid up his alpha’s body to rest his head on Fenris’s shoulder. His eyes shone with a hopeful glimmer.

“Both of you are really some kind of evil.”

The accusation didn’t seem to faze Fenris one bit. He placed a hand beneath Rayne’s chin and stole a quick kiss from his beta, who gave a devilish giggle. “Rest up, my warrior,” he said to her. “Rayne will tend to me.” He slapped Rayne hard on the ass, drawing a yelp from their beta.

Freya forgot about slumber as jealousy awoke within her. Seeing Rayne trembling and submissive, she couldn’t help but wish that she was the one causing him to shudder. Fenris looking like the king cock didn’t do much for her calm either. She recalled her mother’s words. “A big, strapping dog like that will wear you the fuck out.” Her mother hadn’t been wrong, but then Freya had always been stubborn. “I’m fine.”

“I’ll remember that after our son is born.” Fenris grinned, condescension in the curl of his lips. He waved a hand, gesturing for Freya to lie down. “You’re weary.” He turned back to their beta wolf. “Isn’t she, Rayne?”

Rayne shook his head to the contrary. He reached over, his long, narrow fingers searching for the edge of the covers, which he pulled down to Freya’s waist. He slid his hands beneath the heavy spread and searched lower.

Freya knew where Rayne’s hand would go but did nothing to stop it. She wanted it. And even locked in a staring war with Fenris, Freya couldn’t disguise the pleasure she felt at Rayne’s fingers delving beneath the band of her boy shorts, two in particular discovering the fur of her pussy and gliding within her folds.

She gave up all hope of slumber as Rayne massaged the awakened nub of her clit. As a current of bliss flowed throughout her, Freya could have screamed when the pleasure was suddenly snatched away. She opened her eyes to discover Fenris gripping Rayne’s wrist, holding it hostage.

“Rayne! Bad boy,” Fenris chided. “Your alpha should punish you for that. She told you that she was tired.”


His eyes flashing 100 percent wickedness, Fenris added, “But she wanted to sleep. She probably wants to be well rested to hit the weight room first thing--bench-press a few hundred or something.”

“I can fuck you both and haul weight in the morn.”

Copyright © Mya Lairis


Customer Reviews

five shooting stars Review by redz world reviews
A Guardian’s Passion by Mya Lairis allows us to see what happens with Freya, Fenris and Rayne after they sign the mating agreement. So reading A Guardian’s Desire is best before beginning this story.
I love Freya, Fenris and Rayne together. Freya never thought she would be mated and she continues to struggle with accepting an ALPHA mate. Rayne for being a beta also continues to surprise her. But I loved how Ms. Lairis showed a vulnerable side to Freya. She is a warrior, her mother is a warrior, and her mother-in-law is a warrior. Now Freya is pregnant and she has no idea what to expect and neither parent is offering any words of wisdom. Freya is battling her fears, her fatigue and the needs of her mates. I loved that Ms. Lairis did not sugarcoat the fears and changes of all new mothers and mothers to be. I loved that the love was still present but we also got to see what happened after their happily ever after. Ms. Lairis did not just focus on Freya’s angst. She also gave us a fast paced, action packed story that showed the growth of her characters. I loved that we got to see Fenris and Rayne as more active participants. We saw Fenris’s struggle to maintain as a Luna and what Rayne went through to help his Alpha. I loved this story. It was enjoyable and well written. It showed us more about these characters that are strong and showed little fear up to this point. It was balanced, emotional and I am looking forward to seeing if Ms. Lairis will show us more about their journey.

four twinkling Stars
(Posted on 1/3/2015)
Awesome Review by Kadine
Thank you Mya. It was worth the wait and I sense that you have fallen in love with Fenris, Rayne and Freya, like your fans have. 4 years ago you started something wonderful. You never failed with this second book. The plot moves quickly and you have only served to have us drooling for another sequel in their lives. You ave expanded Freya's world so much that I can see a variety of plots and subplots. To me this seems like a new direction for you, since you generally write stand-alone stories. If this is where you are taking us, that I will gladly join for the ride. You were the author that got me to come to loose-id in the first place. A guardian's passion encourages me to return again and again and again. Thank you! (Posted on 6/8/2014)

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