A Gift Worth Sharing

Marty Rayne

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Spend a weekend with Nate and Kyle from A Master’s Love. The holidays have arrived and Kyle can't wait to get away with his lover. What he doesn't know is that Nate has a special surprise waiting at their destination. A...
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Spend a weekend with Nate and Kyle from A Master’s Love.

The holidays have arrived and Kyle can't wait to get away with his lover. What he doesn't know is that Nate has a special surprise waiting at their destination. As old memories of a failed attempt of a threesome surface, Kyle's determined to face them. But will it strengthen their relationship or break what they've been building for the last two years?

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, bondage, domination/submission, male/male sexual practices, menage (m/m/m).
“How much longer, Nate?” Kyle twisted his wrists slightly in the metal handcuffs holding them together. A piece of rope kept his hands between his knees, the other end connected to the chain of the shackles that encircled his ankles.

“Just a couple more minutes,” Nate answered, amusement threaded through his words. “You doing okay? I could increase the speed if you’d like.”

“Hell, no,” Kyle said through clenched teeth as the SUV hit another bump and jostled the vibrating anal plug against his prostate. He wasn’t sure how much more he could endure of this pleasurable torture. He could only trust his lover and hope the torment ended soon. “At least tell me how long we’ve been traveling.” The blindfold had been added after he’d been secured in his seat. Kyle was clueless which direction they headed and had lost all track of time.

Nate chuckled. “I don’t think so. I’m not going to let your smarts ruin my surprise.”

“Like telling me how long we’ve been on the road could really tell me anything about where we are headed,” Kyle argued, as he leaned his head against the seat’s headrest.

“How long does it take to get to Dellscott from where we live?”

“Three hours and twenty-two minutes. Three hours and ten minutes if you take the toll road.”

“No more needs to be said.”

Kyle groaned and knew Nate was right. His mind sometimes worked like the GPS navigator in the SUV. Give him a location and he could tell you how long it would take to travel there. It was an odd talent and Nate knew him so well.

“Fine. Have it your way.” He wished he could put more emphasis on his pout by crossing his arms over his chest, but Nate had impeded his ability to do even that. “This had better be worth my suffering,” he muttered.

Nate didn’t respond so Kyle wasn’t sure if he’d been heard. However, a few seconds later the toy inside his body flared stronger. A moan that dripped of want rumbled from his throat. Feeling frustratingly aroused and excited about his lover’s surprise, Kyle spent the rest of the trip in silence as he tried to concentrate on how to get Nate back for this delicious torture. Of course, all that did was increase his need for release.

The SUV finally stopped its bouncy trip and Nate announced, “We’re here.”

“Thank goodness. Now can I see where we are?”

Nate patted Kyle’s thigh. “Not just yet, babe. Hang tight for another minute. I need to check something first.”

The vehicle’s door opened then shut before Kyle could protest. He shifted in his seat trying to find a comfortable position. His muscles had tightened and begun to cramp. He’d been in this one position for some time now and really wanted to stretch out. Not to mention the urge to fuck Nate senseless just to rid himself of the raging hard-on he’d had since leaving for this trip. Oh, yes. His lover had given spark to some serious yearnings.

Any sounds he might have heard were muted by being shut inside the SUV, so he had no real hints as to where Nate had taken them. Once again the toy deep in his ass started buzzing, driving Kyle’s frustration even higher. Heaven help Nate when he finally got free.

The door opened and Nate’s hands were on his thigh. “All right. Let me take these off and we’ll get you out.”

Kyle sighed with relief as he was able to draw his hands farther up his body when the rope was released from the handcuffs. The rattle of keys and several clicks later, he was free from the shackles. Nate helped him out of the vehicle. Kyle groaned with delight as his legs stretched and his muscles enjoyed freedom. It’d been a while since he’d been in any sort of bondage.

The blindfold was removed and it took Kyle several blinks before his sight cleared. “Where are we?” He squinted and took in the scene as the cold wind whipped around them.

“Someplace that will make all your dreams come true.”

“This certainly isn’t Disney World.” Kyle’s brow arched up in question. “Why are you being so mysterious?”

“Why are you being so tenacious? Just relax and go along. I’m doing this all for you.”

Kyle sighed. He didn’t know why he was being suspicious. He couldn’t seem to help it. He only wanted to please Nate. But these fantasies he’d been having had him worried. He’d hoped they would go away, but they only managed to grow and manifest into more needful desires.

“I’m sorry. I’m just having a hard time relaxing lately.”

Nate leaned over and kissed his cheek. “That’s why you need this long weekend, love.”

With a smile, Kyle nodded and let his gaze wander while Nate retrieved their bags from the back. He shivered and wished he had his jacket.

As if entering a winter landscape, a forest surrounded them and the log cabin. Snow lay in patches like quilt work. Smoke rose from the chimney, the scent heavy in the air. The SUV was parked at the end of a road that was nothing more than two dirt tracks to accommodate the tires.

He took a deep breath and let the chilled air fill his lungs. The area was beautiful, and already he felt the tension in his shoulders easing. Perhaps Nate was right. He just needed to relax and enjoy this time together.

“What about these?” Kyle held up his wrists, still captured by the handcuffs.

“I guess I can let you go now that we’re here and there’s little chance of you finding where I hid the keys to the SUV.”

“Is that really necessary?”

Nate chuckled as he took a key from his jacket pocket and released Kyle’s hands. “I wanted to be on the safe side.”

His words confused Kyle, but before he could say anything about them, Nate gave him a bag, grabbed his free hand, and led him toward the cabin.

“Sydney and Travis helped me plan all of this.” Nate pushed open the door and a wave of heat rolled over them. Kyle shivered from the two extremes coming together and stepped into the cabin.

“Nice.” And it was. There was a fire roaring in the brick fireplace. The furniture was in good condition, but it was obviously well used. The kitchen was open, almost part of the living room. A dining table wasn’t too far from the fireplace. No TV. No computer. Only a stereo system sat on a small table in the corner. It was sparsely furnished, but cozy. There were three closed doors along the back of the room.

“Homey.” Nate closed the door behind them, and Kyle didn’t miss the click of the lock engaging.

Nate shed his jacket and threw it on the back of the couch. Kyle’s had been left in the SUV. Nate tossed his bag on the couch and Kyle followed suit.

“The fridge and cabinets are fully stocked for our stay this weekend. Firewood is chopped and stacked on the back porch.” Nate moved behind Kyle, wrapped his arms around him, and kissed his neck. “And we are away from work and every other responsibility we have. Cell phones don’t work out here either.”

Kyle closed his eyes and sank back into Nate’s embrace. His body trembled. Surprisingly, his cock stiffened more than he thought possible, and his pulse sped up in anticipation of the sex that was sure to come. He reached behind him and pulled Nate closer. There was no mistaking the rigid bulge of Nate’s erection that pushed against him. The plug shifted and forced his breath out, rough and labored from need.

“I’d forgotten how sexy you were all tied up.” Nate’s teeth nipped at Kyle’s ear.

“It’s been a while.” Kyle couldn’t recall the last time they’d “played.” The sex wasn’t boring -- never in the time they’d been together. However, he realized they now rarely used any of their toys or any other sex games. Not like the beginning of their relationship. Was that why he’d been in such a funk? Did he miss the exciting play? Surely not.

Kyle twisted until he faced Nate and wrapped his arms around his lover’s neck. “Me. You. And an entire weekend in this getaway haven.” His mouth brushed over those succulent lips he knew so well, then sucked on Nate’s bottom lip. “I’m sure we can put those handcuffs to more use. Just the thought makes me want to fuck you until we collapse.”

Copyright © Marty Rayne


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