A Delicious Taboo Plus Two

Jennifer Cole

For two years following that first explosive weekend of carnal awakening, Melanie and her four gay lovers have settled into a comfortable life as a family. And as far as any the five lovers are concerned, life just doesn't get any...
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Full Description

For two years following that first explosive weekend of carnal awakening, Melanie and her four gay lovers have settled into a comfortable life as a family. And as far as any the five lovers are concerned, life just doesn't get any better!

As they approach their second anniversary, Melanie, Calen, Van, Jake and Philip are about to have their world turned upside down. Will the introduction of two more be a catalyst that blows this family's perfect world apart?

  • Note:This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, male/male sexual practices, masturbation, menage (m/m/f with homoerotic interaction).
Rays of early dawn seeped through the wide slats of wooden blinds, spattering soft light within the darkened room. The bed dipped behind her, warm lips pressed against her left cheek, and she shivered at the husky “I love you” whispered against her skin.

“Mmm, I love you, too,” Melanie mumbled into the firm chest she snuggled against. The scent of his lover, mixed with his own natural spice, filled her nostrils, bringing erotic visions of the night before to flash behind her closed eyes.

The light smack of Jake and Philip’s kiss above her head made her smile and nestle closer into the warmth of Philip’s body. “See you after work,” Philip said as Jake pulled away from him, his voice rough from sleep. “Love you; have a good day.”

The house fell silent once again with the closing of the front door. Calen, Van, and Jake had to be to work early, leaving her and Philip alone.

Philip’s arms tightened around her. Large hands stroked the length of her naked back, over the curve of her hip, then grabbed the right cheek of her ass.

“Hey!” Mel jumped against him. “Stop that.” Her words were muffled by the muscles of firm pecs. “I don’t want to get up yet.”

“Is that right?” With a kiss to the top of her head, he thrust his hips, poking her belly with his morning erection. “Well, I’m already ‘up,’ and my cock is aching to fill your pussy, baby.”

“Are you kidding me?” she teased, tugging on tight reddish brown curls dusting his chest. “After screwing me to exhaustion, the two of you were at it most of the night.”

“Jealous?” The stubble of his morning beard gently scratched her neck and shoulder as tender lips kissed along her flesh.

“I thought you guys loved me.” Unable to control the moan of arousal his roaming hands and mouth were creating, Mel bit into Philip’s left pec. “The four of you are going to kill me.”

In a graceful fluid motion, Philip pushed Melanie onto her back, settling his slender hips between her spread thighs. Even after two years of waking up with this woman, when she looked up at him while he woke her by making love to her, his desire for her was difficult to restrain. Through half-closed lids, her brilliant green eyes became dark as her arousal increased. Fanned across the pillow, her dark, tousled curls were spread. He knew her pussy grew damp as he gazed into her eyes, and the musky fragrance of her arousal taunted him.

As much as he enjoyed sharing the woman beneath him with his lover and his two best friends, the time he spent with her alone, like this morning, he savored.

“Yeah, but what a way to go,” he whispered, nipping her lower lip. The trembling of her luscious curves beneath his weight heightened the need to plunge his cock deep within her.

Slender fingers traced the defined lines of his muscles. Soft fingertips brushed over his nipples, bringing them to attention before she ever so gently tugged on the gold ring dangling from his right peak.

The hiss that escaped his lips brought a sexy grin to hers.

“You are so beautiful, sweetheart,” he moaned, dipping his head, capturing the hardened crest of her left breast between his teeth. With firm pressure he bit down, eliciting a sharp gasp from her.

Her hips moved under him, rubbing the wet warmth of her sex along his cock. “You don’t need to sweet talk me, you barbarian,” she teased, sucking his bottom lip between hers. “I’m all yours.”

Wiggling and shifting beneath him, she thrust her hips up until her cunt swallowed every inch of his shaft. Arching off the bed, her ample bosom pressed up against his chest and his pelvis took on a mind of its own. Slowly, Philip withdrew his cock, leaving the fat, throbbing crown inside before thrusting again. Settling his weight on his forearms, he pressed Melanie to the bed, his hungry lips crashing against hers. Feasting on her mouth like a starving man, he felt her body begin to grip his thick flesh. He stopped his strokes and chuckled when Mel whimpered her protest into his mouth.

“You’re not allowed to come yet, baby,” he cooed and nuzzled her neck.

“Not allowed?” she griped, wrapping her legs around his waist, rubbing to create friction where she needed it most.

Philip bit back a laugh. Outweighing her by fifty pounds easily, she wasn’t about to move him without the help of a truck. Who was he trying to fool? Near ready to explode, he was just trying to buy himself a little more time.

“Roll over,” he growled low, and nearly came as Mel’s eyes grew wide, gleaming with anticipation. Pulling his length from the slickness of her body, he swatted her derrière when she assumed the doggie-style position.

Taking his time, Philip caressed the pale globes of her buttocks in his hands, massaging, spreading the flesh wider with each stroke. Using his finger and thumb of his left hand, he spread her lips open and pressed a single digit inside her wet channel. “Jesus,” he moaned, pumping it into her several times before pulling out. Moans of her contentment and heated desire carried to his ears, encouraging Philip to stake his claim.

“Back your ass up,” he ordered. “Impale your cunt with my cock, baby.”

Copyright © Jennifer Cole


Customer Reviews

Sexy Sequel Review by Sheri
Just as sexy as the first. It satisfied everything for me. I definitely recommend this one as highly as the first. I enjoyed reconnecting. (Posted on 5/6/2014)
Awesome Sequel Review by Teah
Just as steamy and sexy as the first book. This one develops the characters we all fell in love with in the first book. We see how they are living together now and growing in their love for each other. The bonds have strengthen. I love how we see their family come together and how that happens. A great read and I recommend it to those who love the first one or are thinking about getting it after reading the first one. (Posted on 8/25/2013)
Surprises Review by Lola
Felt like a homecoming. Wonderful how the sequel to A Delicious Taboo continued spicy love story by making it hotter than ever! Loved the richness of the characters and the bonus surprises Ms. Cole gave us. Sexy, sweet, and wonderful sequel. Too short though. Definitely ready for a third helping. (Posted on 7/28/2013)
Hot sequel Review by Laura
This is the sequel to A Delicious Taboo.
A very hot ménage novella like the first book, but with more character development. It's fun to read and a great conclusion to this love story.
(Posted on 7/28/2013)

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